Whether it is possible to replace the loved one

Whether it is possible to replace the loved one

In case of treason it is possible to find worthy replacement to the loved one not only, but also it is necessary. And here if you were separated by death - there is no other exit left how to endure irreplaceable loss and to step in new life which will please with sunny days sooner or later.

Loss of the loved one

With loss of the loved one the life loses multi-colored paints and turns into monotonous sad solo. The emptiness which formed in soul fills all thoughts and holds down movements, apparently, that the future any more will never become solar and carefree. The death of the relative or darling – continuously bleeding wound which drags on a little over time, but does not disappear. The most terrible that it is impossible to replace the loved one, it is irreplaceable loss. However it is necessary to learn to live future, Earth continues to spin near the axis, and tomorrow will surely bring new cares, affairs and impressions. It is very important not to draw a parallel between people from Novaya Gazeta of life and past. For example, the woman who lost the spouse should not look for his lines in each counter man, it will become a stumbling block at the beginning of the new relations.

Loss of the loved one leaves a deep hem in soul. However it does not mean that it is necessary to give own life up as a bad job - over time there will be new forces and it will become easier.

Treason of the loved one

After treason of the loved one at heart cats scrape, and the world around becomes black-and-white. If there is no way back, and the relations are lost forever – it is necessary to inhale a full breast and to continue to move forward. Before the new relations it is desirable to restore sincere forces to get rid of a negative deposit. New acquaintances will help to find worthy replacement to the deceiver. The main thing is not to think in the same way, not to look for people with appearance, similar to it, manners of behavior and the relation to life. If the person changed, so he is unworthy the love presented to it and caress, and in the world surely there will be someone, the person interested to accept them and to reciprocate. That the new relations brought only positive emotions, it is necessary to erase forever from the head the past and everything that is connected with it.

Treason of the loved one is a knife in a back, blow below the belt, it cannot be forgiven or forgotten. Over time surely there will be the one who will present love and will become worthy replacement to the deceiver.

How to cope with emotions?

That the world to the district did not seem such dim and sad, it is possible to diversify leisure with an interesting hobby, more often to happen in public, to attend friendly parties, corporate meetings, sports clubs, etc. The main thing is not to become reserved, not to remain in private with the thoughts. The interesting travel which will bring a set of bright emotions can become a great option. To alleviate suffering, it is necessary to draw an accurate distinction – before loss of the loved one and not to bind these two realities at all.

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