Whether it is worth dividing duties into "women's" and "men's"

Whether it is worth dividing duties into "women's" and "men's"

Now there is a set of the stereotypes concerning male and female roles in family. Popular belief that the main objective of the man in relation to family – earnings of money. The role of the hostess, and her fundamental obligations as wives, there are a cooking, cleaning and washing is provided to the woman.

If to consider stereotypes about men's and female household chores, it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account that these representations came from old times, and in the modern world there were global changes. Now people often think of whether it is worth dividing obligations for sexual character now or it is necessary to reconsider this point of view.

Why old stereotypes do not work today?

Earlier the man was the only getter of money in family, and the woman stayed at home and was engaged in household chores, education of children. Today most of women works at work all day long on an equal basis with men and brings money in family. In a pursuit of material values the ladies do not have time and forces for performance of obligations for the house at all.

The spouses who were tired after the working day appear houses, and they have quite natural situation. The woman expects the help from the man and tries to shift a part of cases to him. The man just wants to have a rest and often is not ready to that later works to help with cleaning or cooking. There is a fertile field for the conflicts and misunderstanding. If couple has no arrangement, problems collect and lead to more serious offenses and quarrels. However to deal with this conflict and it is possible to preserve the peace in couple after all.

Useful tips for finding of a compromise

It is natural that to divide duties into purely "women's" and "men's" in modern realities it is impossible. Chores have to be carried out in common. And if you want to reach mutual agreement, it is necessary to follow some recommendations. Men and women need to understand that everyone has to have an opportunity for professional and personal realization which demands time expenses. And if in this question there is no mutual understanding, you should discuss this subject with the partner. It is good when everyone does on the house what at it turns out best of all. If household chores do not cause hostility, most likely, and they are carried out with bigger ease. It is impossible to put pressure upon your partner and to force it something to do. Any coercion causes offense and resistance. If you state your request softly and politely, for certain your partner will execute it more willingly. It is important to pay attention to a state and mood of the spouse or spouse. If you see that he is sick or that it has problems at work, give it time to have a rest and execute a part of its duties. Darling will surely estimate it and next time will reciprocate to you.

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