Whether it is worth forgiving treachery

Whether it is worth forgiving treachery

All people face treachery sooner or later and do not know how to arrive in such situation: to forgive or reject. The answer is very difficult, and for each certain person it is individual. Dismantling in a similar situation, of course, will take very long time and during this time ideas of the person radically can exchange.


Certainly, the moment when the person learns about treachery, is shocking. In a similar act there are many mistakes as people, without having considered accurately the decisions and actions, spontaneously make wrong conclusions about which they can regret in the future. Very important point is also how there was a treason. The person can change the half fleetingly, without having noticed it. And can arrive very cruelly, hiding the treason for a long time. It is also necessary to think to that person concerning whom there was a treason. And whether correctly he arrives in relation to the half whether offends she (he). In it a part of resolution of conflict, and is a peace way too. Very important point is whether the changed person feels repentance, whether regrets for treason.

For many people the physical treason is not treason at all. People expect that you will be loved by the person, will carry out with you all life, and in this life there will be a variety. But when, having already lived very long time together, the person sees all monotony of family life, he wants to change something, but at the same time, it is necessary to change not shatteringly, and gradually. Here also treason turns out.

Attention – an important thing

All people need though scanty attention in relation to themselves. All want caress, care. And when it is not enough, apathy and search of sources of attention and love begins. If the person to whom changed is honest in relation to himself, he will find those defects in himself and will try to correct them and will correct the changed person.

It is impossible to forgive treason

But at the same time, there are moments when it is impossible to forgive treason in any way. And it can be understood and justified really the victim of treason. It is impossible to forgive the second, third unfaithfulness, the person did not improve and did not even try to make it. And therefore here the choice has to be categorical – only refusal. The person cannot be trampled down, he has a pride and self-esteem. And therefore it is necessary just to leave the changed person. Let him cope. In conclusion it is possible to tell that finding of the answer to a question of treason – very thin thing, thread which can be pulled further if the person changes, and it is possible just to tear off if such changes do not happen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team