Whether it is worth giving birth to the second child if the husband against

Whether it is worth giving birth to the second child if the husband against

Now two children in family cause nearly sympathy of most of acquaintances and friends. About three and to you it is not necessary to speak, mother of three kids is mother heroine! And men often are against the birth of the second child.

Children are a real, physical embodiment of love of spouses. Planning the child's birth, it is necessary to consider a situation in all its aspects, to estimate all the opportunities because the child is not a toy, not an entertainment. Care for it (especially at first), development and education will borrow almost all the time mothers and a big share of leisure of the father. Unfortunately, in modern society of family with one child - it governed more likely, than an exception.

Situation the first – the second child in plans

So, you are the young woman, firmly convinced that your firstborn extremely needs the sister or the brother. But the spouse absolutely unexpectedly strikes a pose and wants to hear nothing about it. Try not to fall into a hysterics and not to accuse the husband at once of all sins. Listen to him, perhaps, the husband's arguments – are fair and sober. Do not forget, he should feed, dress and put on 4 people. Possibly, a situation in service of the spouse improper, and you need to wait a little. Explain that the second child will not demand so many expenditure any more.

First, you do not buy so many useless excess things how many got for the firstborn (mistake of all mothers debutants), secondly, it is possible, you kept a bed, a carriage, a bath and other large objects of use.

If the fact is that the spouse just does not want excess vanity and selfishly protects the rest - put forward counterarguments. Explain that the sister or the brother will become your child the best friend for the rest of life. That two children will hardly grow up terry egoists – they since the childhood will be accustomed to think of the brother or the sister, to share with them, to care for them.

Inform the husband that so far you are young, it will be easier for you to lift two children and to provide them worthy care.

You learned that you are pregnant

The second situation when the second child already exists, for the present in your stomach and at the age of two weeks from conception, significantly differs from the first. The speech will go also about health of the woman here. Abortion and everything that is connected with it, further often are the reason of infertility. And if, later time, your spouse himself decides on the second child, it can elementary not turn out. Besides, you should not lose sight of moral aspect. Kind of you treated abortions, the embryo is already the person. Very few people from the women having children can decide on termination of pregnancy. And if decide, then moral tortures often lead to a nervous breakdown. Your spouse, if he is a homo sapiens, delicate and, the main thing, loving you, has to leave in this case the choice for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team