Whether it is worth living a civil marriage

Whether it is worth living a civil marriage

Many couples before putting a treasured stamp in the passport and officially to legalize the relations, prefer to live a civil marriage. According to young people, both young men, and girls, such step helps them to know better each other, to get used, learn about addictions of each other, etc. Having solved it is simple to live together, it is necessary to weigh everything pros and cons.

On the conclusion of supernumeraries, nearly a half of marriages comes to an end with a gap or official with a divorce therefore people before carrying the statement in a registry office, try the relations, without registering them officially. Still quite recently the civil marriage was considered immoral and illegal, cohabitation in one territory without official registration of the relations could affect both career, and private life. Now you will surprise with a civil marriage nobody, and it is more and more young people to a campaign in a registry office, prefer such non-binding relations.

In a civil marriage both partners are considered people free, and in any stalemate can just pack things and leave. However, many men living in a civil marriage say that they meet, are on friendly terms, check the relations for durability and so on, and girls we perceive a civil marriage as real, official, directing it all efforts and soul, try to provide a cosiness and rest in the house, tasty food and fresh shirts. Of course, not at all men similar the relations, in certain cases, the civil marriage after all comes to an end with a ring on a finger, but most often the young man, having played enough in adulthood, just leaves, left the girl with anything.

If to consider a situation from the legal point of view, then and there are reefs:

- officially registered spouses, have later death of one of them, the right for property passes to the partner, in a civil marriage still it is necessary to prove that all that is available in the house is acquired in common;

- upon cancellation of official marriage, the state is a guarantor of the fact that all property which was acquired for years of cohabitation, will be halved. However, this rule is not carried out also at official the people who legalized the relations in case the marriage contract in which it is stated as in what quantities, belongs to each of spouses was made;

- after a rupture of the official relations, one of spouses can live some time for territories of other, wealthier partner that is completely excluded after a rupture of the civil relations. However, this plus is rather a minus, well how many it is possible to live in the territory of the ex-husband or the wife? Month-other, and then after all it is necessary to leave on the street or to look for housing. The apartment or the house which were acquired by spouses in equal shares are considered as the property of each of spouses therefore can live on the half divorced as much as long;

- children who appear in civil marriages after a gap usually remain with mother. If paternity is established officially, then, quite perhaps, problems will not be, in other case, it is necessary to bypass any instance to achieve alimony or any help.

From all aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that the civil marriage does not oblige to anything, but at the same time does not give guarantees for the happy future. Naturally to try to live without stamp in the passport it is possible, but if you are sure of the relations, tender feelings each other, are ready to start a full-fledged family, then join hands and go to a registry office to submit the application.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team