Whether it is worth living with the rich alcoholic

Whether it is worth living with the rich alcoholic

Some wealthy people have some defects, sometimes the state is combined with alcoholism. It is difficult to live with such person, but his financial opportunities brighten up existence. But if boozes become very frequent, there can be a question of further creation of partnership.

To live or not to live with the alcoholic, the woman solves. Each relations are unique, and there is no only right decision. Important only before decision-making to understand what minuses and pluses such union has that it is possible to expect in several years. The correct assessment at the beginning of the relations will save from mistakes further.

Minuses of the relations with the alcoholic

The quantity of means of the man if he drinks is not important, surely there will be some difficulties. For example, impotence probability is high. It will be not total failure of a reproductive system, and slackness and impossibility to enjoy process of intimate proximity. At the same time desire can be, and opportunities will decrease every year. It is necessary to understand that such deprivations will suit not each female person.

Alcohol leads to dispersion of attention, decrease in control. If the state is earned with the person if to watch everything he, the probability of reduction of earnings is high. Frequent boozes lead to a hangover, over the years they is felt more and stronger and to focus on affairs can be difficultcan be difficult. But if business is constructed in a different way if business is run by other people, then reduction of a cash flow is possible, but already for other reasons. Alcohol leads to early aging of an organism. A large number of wrinkles, problems with skin, the general decrease in a tone are very probable. And if there is no it yet, then in several years will surely be shown. Serious diseases, for example, cirrhosis, an ulcer are also possible that very strongly spoils life. Also the woman who is near will look after it at the weakness moments. Still it is possible to remember outstanding promises which are made in drunk waste, carrying out small time with family, possible aggression at the time of alcohol intake. From the drunk person healthy children are not always born. From him often smells of the reek of alcohol that for some people very unpleasantly. And still there are alcoholics who try to accustom to drinking also the companion that does not conduct to anything good.


The woman who considers a possibility of the future with the rich alcoholic needs to understand the priorities precisely. Life with such person will be not simple, and it needs to be suffered for the sake of something. If you understand that this marriage will allow you to come into a fortune, to construct business or to find the necessary communications, you can try, but it is important to guarantee himself receiving all this. In advance think over ways of receiving, and you remember that life with this person can once bother you, look for possibilities of retreat in advance. To understand what expects you, find stories of women which faced similar problems. On the Internet there are a lot of stories about similar experience. Life with the alcoholic is not similar to the romantic fairy tale, exactly at home the man shows the most negative qualities, and you should be reconciled with it. Think, and can eat other way to realize your purposes? And if there are alternative options, pay them not less attention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team