Whether it is worth loving meekly

Whether it is worth loving meekly

Various life situations demand work, patience and efforts for achievement of the desirable purposes. However in some cases the enclosed efforts and the victims are senseless, are obviously unsuccessful and do not mean full return. Carry the relations without reciprocity based on false hopes and plans to them.

Unrequited love – the widespread phenomenon in the field of relationship between the man and the woman. Without reciprocity, positive prospects seldom have relations. To put emotions, energy and time in the relations with a doubtful outcome - a personal record of each person. Some people can enter the relations, dependent on the partner, at the subconscious level. Without realizing, they attract mainly such relations in which take a position of the victim.

The fear of loneliness, uncertainty in own forces, personal immaturity of the person induces it to choose the partner who is not able to reciprocate. So meek feelings are born. As a rule, the stronger an object of sympathy rejects love, the affection for him is formed more strong.

Qualities of the beloved are significantly embellished, and the person in love begins to live in the world of illusions. He does not hear councils of people around, is not capable to think adequately and rationally. The unrequited love is followed by the whole range of bright emotions, unrealizable hopes and the unjustified victims. In this case, the person loves not the partner, and in his image. It is necessary to control the relations with the partner and feelings to it in situations in which the full-fledged relations are impossible owing to various circumstances. For example, it is extremely undesirable to get the love relations with the person who already has a soulmate or family. Meek feelings in such situation will cause mistakes and bitter experience. Cases of unrequited love which arises at the person after parting with the partner are known. One of participants of the broken-up couple begins desperately to try to return the last relations. Its feelings to the former partner become stronger, he is not able to reconcile to the event. The aspiration again to return the beloved turns into obsession. As a rule, at this time an object of love reacts to behavior of the former darling detached and cold.

The impossibility to reach reciprocity forces to suffer and leads to a depression. The danger of the meek relations is that they prevent the person to lead a full-fledged life. There is insomnia, uneasiness, mental and physical health worsens. As a result, problems at work and in relationship with close people appear. The person is shipped only in a problem of unrequited love, is not capable to distract and get rid of dependence. In a number of similar cases when the independent solution is not expected, the help of the psychologist is necessary. The period of meek feelings is time for revision of values, change of the attitude towards the personality, search of problems in creation of relationship with the partner. It is necessary to understand and decide what relationship is noteworthy, time and emotions of the person. Life is rapid and unpredictable whether it is worth spending it for obviously unsuccessful outcome and negative emotions?

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