Whether it is worth taking away the married man from family?

Whether it is worth taking away the married man from family?

Falling in love with the married man, women seldom think of moral aspect of a situation, justifying oneself with sincere and genuine feeling of love. It is quite difficult to be in the status of the mistress to the woman, and she can have a keen desire to legalize the relations with the beloved. Let's consider how it is possible to take away the married man from family and also whether it is worth doing it.

Whether it is worth taking away the married man from family?

Before making the decision on destruction of foreign family, the woman it is necessary to think of whether really it is necessary to take away the married man seriously.

Whether you know? In the world, unfaithfulness and a distance of partners from each other is considered as the main cause of all divorces. At the same time 40% of all official stains fall on the first 4 years of joint life of couple. After 20 years of marriage 12% of spouses get divorced.

Psychologists recommend to analyze several important aspects:

  1. Mutual desire. It is necessary to show consideration for true desires of the lover. It is quite possible that dreams of joint life concern only the woman. It is necessary to understand accurately whether the elect is ready to cross out years of joint life with the official spouse and to go to the new relations. Can be so that it is simply convenient to it to conduct double lives: to have the wife to whom got used in years, and the mistress with whom cheerfully and it is easy possible to spend free time.
  2. Moral principles. The popular wisdom says that on others misfortune of happiness you will not construct. The girl has to answer herself a question whether she will be able to live remorselessly after takes away the official spouse from family and, perhaps, from children. As a rule, if business concerns love and women's happiness, women seldom think of moral standards. It is worth to remember that the spouse also has certain feelings to the lawful husband, and his leaving can become for her the present tragedy. And what if in several years in a similar situation there is also razluchnitsa?
  3. Confidence in the beloved. To take away married of family is only a half of a way, the main objective is in holding the man. The woman needs to consider properly that if the person so easily could desert family, and it is possible, even not one, then it is how sincere and his intentions are serious. Such situation can speak about inconstancy of the beloved and his eternal search of the ideal partner.
  4. Feelings. It is important to analyze not only feelings and behavior of the man — it is also necessary to understand also himself. The girl should understand whether she is ready to family life, one business to spend some time with the lover, and another is to be the official wife, daily to care for it, to be with it both in the mountain, and in joy. Real life with its household problems can extinguish a passion note between couple soon and put before a question whether such relations are necessary actually.

If, having analyzed all aforesaid factors, the woman keeps self-confidence and the partner, then it is necessary to make so that secret rendezvous acquired the status of the official relations.

The man lives on two families: reasons

Life on two families — unfortunately, quite ordinary situation for men. Such feelings as offense, powerlessness, hopelessness are well familiar to women who appeared in the similar atmosphere. The most terrible that the double life can drag on for many years.

Important! The love triangle is always considered as the negative phenomenon as brings to all its participants of experience, tears, the sharp conflicts. However worst of all the fact that in a similar situation children should experience sufferings also (if they are).

The reasons that the man lives on two families, enough, and it would be desirable to stop on the most widespread:

  1. Security. Many men who managed to reach a certain financial stability, having been tired of measured family life, decide to bring the mistress. The similar situation can proceed for years, the man on the party has children, and the mistress becomes the second wife. And if he has an opportunity to provide financially both parties, then both women, as a rule, accept situation because of fear to lose monetary wellbeing.
  2. Fear of loneliness. One of the strongest female fears is the loneliness, and his fear in certain cases induces women to suffer presence of the mistress at the husband for many years, even decades.
  3. Feelings. Quite often the man continues to live on two families because of sincere feelings which he has both to the wife, and to the mistress. And those, in turn, also cannot release the person as are attached to him. Unfortunately, in a similar situation all three can continue to suffer and suffer until until someone decides to put end.

Stages of psychology of the mistress

Psychologists claim that there are three stages, so-called stages of the mistress which allow to finish some lawful relations and to create others. Each of stages has the features and the principles which knowledge will help the woman to achieve the main goal — to take away the man from family.

Drawing attention

Certainly, the main woman in life of the average married man is the legal wife, with it he spends the most part of free time, all holidays and days off, solves important family problems. Therefore the main objective of the mistress is drawing attention or procrastination of its part on themselves. It is necessary to learn very accurately and carefully everything about the competitor, and in dialogue with the lover to insert so-called alarm phrases: Of what is Masha fond?, Where spent days off with the wife?, etc.

Important! At this stage you should not be too persuasive: to admire darling, but not to be with him obsessed. The man has to feel love of the partner, her desire, but not dependence.

After the answer to the asked question is received, it is necessary to include the second part of alarm phrases which are directed to condemning the legal wife, and to rejoice to happiness of cohabitation in fight, or on the contrary, to sympathize with the lover if circumstances develop badly. Experts advise not to touch the partner with offensive phrases, and to set fire to his confidence and self-sufficiency approximately such words: What you look younger, so you care for the children, You such careful, manage to find time for family. Where to me to find such courageous and careful man. Carelessly told second part of an alarm phrase will force the beloved to pass from words to actions, to be focused on the woman who, in turn, during this period has to consolidate the gained achievements with physical contact. After drawing attention the woman can pass to the second step — domestication and accustoming.


When the man starts an affair on the party, he feels very confused, and at this particular time the mistress should make active the forces and as much as possible to draw a blanket on the party.

Learn more about the relations with the married man.

For this purpose psychologists advise to use several easy ways:

  1. Not to make to darling rows of jealousy, scandals for the least thing, not to make a claim, to forget about requirements. When the house is expected by eternally dissatisfied, grumbling wife, even the most patient man will want to run away sooner or later to that which silently listens and does not blow up a brain.
  2. Not to refuse to the beloved intimate proximity. The mistress should wake in the partner new emotions, feelings, instincts which in him are extinguished by the spouse. The man will estimate readiness of the woman and will be excessively grateful for realization of his most intimate sexual fantasies.
  3. Tasty and nourishingly to feed the beloved. Men adore good food, tasty dishes, noble drinks. Perhaps, in house conditions he receives store pelmeni or the warmed pizza. The girl needs to learn to cook its favourite dishes and daily let to indulge him also the simple, but prepared with own hand dishes.

Slowly getting used to comfortable, quiet and emotionally stable life, the man more often visits the mistress and more and more seldom pays attention to the official spouse. At the second stage of the relations between couple new, already more stable and deep relations at which it becomes much simpler to break old link are formed.

Preparation for a conversation

So, the mistress densely entered the man's life, she perfectly performs the main functions of the wife, satisfies sexual ambitions, tasty feeds, seldom something demands — means, time to finally draw it to herself came. For this purpose it is necessary to point very accurately and carefully to the beloved to the facts which force it to suffer from a legal marriage. But at the same time it is not necessary to represent the spouse in unfavourable light, to humiliate her, to point to the of superiority over it. The same alarm phrases will help to begin a conversation, for example: I so love you, I am ready to give you myself every day, every minute.

Important! Psychologists in fight for the married man do not advise to use such receptions as blackmail, phone calls home or a direct conversation with the wife. As a rule, the similar behavior from the mistress is capable to lead on the contrary to loss of darling and final break in relations with it.

Similar phrases will set the man thinking of where it is better for him that the real family at it here, but not somewhere there. In the course of the conversation with darling is necessary thinly, veiled to hint that time to resolve current situation with the lawful wife came. The woman can focus attention that she feels the guilt as became the family disorder reason, etc. As soon as the mistress feels that the man is tormented by doubts — it is a high time to take a situation in hand, to discuss with him all delights of joint life, and in parallel very accurately to adjust him on a difficult conversation with the wife.

Public opinion

If to speak about moral aspect, then, according to society, withdrawal of the married man from family is rather nasty act. For this reason before making up the mind to such step, it is necessary to find out accurately for himself whether it is worth doing it. There are families where is really badly to both spouses, and people became each other strangers long ago. However if the mistress intends to be guided only by the selfish desires, then she should be ready to the fact that society will hardly approve it.

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Besides, the man will be able to realize all tragedy of an act after a while and to understand that it lost good, stable life in which temporary difficulties just began.

What to do if the husband lives on two families?

If the man lives on two families, then the main objective of the mistress is to set him thinking over what in the new relations can be much better for it.

It is for this purpose recommended:

  1. To become for it a source of new feelings, emotions. If the man seeks emotions elsewhere, so he receives less them in official marriage. For this reason it is necessary to present to the partner absolutely new feelings — to become a uniform, a sex bomb, the chef, the grateful listener.
  2. To be always on the ball. Any dressing gowns, sports suits, dirty head and semi-bare manicure. The woman always has to look for the beloved beautiful, well-groomed, tidy, to be with a smile upon the face and a spark in eyes. It is necessary to please darling with relaxed, playful behavior, strictly observing at the same time balance between sexuality and platitude.
  3. Not to behave as mother. As a rule, over the years spouses cease to perceive themselves as lovers, and the relations turn into category sister/brother, or mother/son. In the new relations the man wants to feel the zhelannost, identity, courage, he does not need the second mother who will be for it a hen, to itch for the least thing and to check whether he put on a cap the street.
  4. To let to it know the uniqueness. The mistress has to become for the beloved his main venerator, praise him even for insignificant achievements, listen carefully to him and admire him. Certainly, you should not be too persuasive and obsessed in the manifestations, to sing the praises of him. The compliments however dosed, in time given will help it to find what was not enough in own family.

Councils of psychologists

As much as possible psychologists recommend to minimize the psychological and emotional losses which arose for each party of a love triangle in the course of withdrawal married of family to adhere to several recommendations:

  1. Not to provoke scandals and showdowns. A charged atmosphere, quarrels, mutual claims, scandals — what is enough fully for the married lover of the house. It is not necessary to demand something, to ask the mass of questions, to ask on details of matrimonial life. Coming to the beloved, the partner has to feel peace of mind, a pacification, comfort and a cosiness.
  2. Culinary talents. Despite banality of this phrase, a way to heart of darling lies through a stomach. Of course, the stronger sex brings mistresses not tasty to eat, however how sex was good, after it it is pleasant to try a fragrant nourishing dish. Men like to eat therefore psychologists recommend to become for the lover excellent, let and not the first-class culinary specialist.
  3. Any requirements and gifts. You should not load the lover with the claims, to demand from him gifts or surprises. It is necessary to show that its financial side is not fundamental the relations, and only he is the most long-awaited gift of the Universe. However, completely you should not refuse gifts, but also it is not necessary to elicit them.
  4. Interest. As a rule, the official wife shipped in household problems ceases to be interested in affairs, the working moments or hobbies of the husband. It will be much simpler and easier to take away the man if the mistress shows genuine interest in its hobby and the vital purposes.
  5. Cheerfulness and full readiness. Coming to the mistress, the man wishes to see a cheerful, happy face of the darling who with sincere pleasure waits for it and is always ready for everything. Unlike the wife, she never is hurt by the head, she is ready for various sexual experiments, often shows an initiative.

Whether you know? Act of vandalism from the spouse became one of the silliest and ridiculous causes of a divorce of married couple of England. In this case the vandalism was meant as the fact that the wife washed a favourite collection t-shirt of the husband on which the autograph of the famous athlete was imprinted.

Psychologists recommend to mistresses to avoid quarrels, scandals, reproaches and requirements. The man has to see the careful, balanced, clever, tender, sexy and vseponimayushchy partner with whom soul and a body has a rest. Whatever arose a situation, it is impossible to play the fate of people, to break foreign families, especially if in it children are raised. If feelings of legal spouses cooled down, then the mistress, working carefully and accurately, has to interest the beloved, cause at him urgent need in it, not create unpleasant situations and problems which were in official marriage. If it is correct to make everything, then it is possible to hope for creation new, strong and, the main thing, the honest relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team