Whether marriage helps to keep a wedding

Whether marriage helps to keep a wedding

The wedding connects not only bodies, and fastens souls. Such marriage is considered eternal, it cannot be terminated. And even the ordinary divorce does not deprive of people of the status of the husband and the wife before god. To decide on the conclusions of such union very difficult, but not always it guarantees the excellent relations.

In Christianity it is accepted to address for blessing in church, and the stamp in the passport is not enough to live together. But among people the tradition appeared to address the father not at once. It is considered that the wedding helps to keep the relations if there are any misunderstandings and disagreements therefore people go to church when in family there are problems. Some couples make up the mind to this step to find a common language.

The wedding can help the believing people. During steam ceremony as if asks from supreme supports and if at the same time believes in the help, then it occurs. But it works not at all as the power of faith matters. Future spouses at first make the decision, weigh all positive and negative sides, it is impossible to treat it superficially. The decision they say before relatives, before the priest and the highest forces that they are ready to tolerate all difficulties that did not make the wrong choice.

The wedding imposes heavy responsibility. And understanding that it is impossible to terminate such union, helps people to adapt, look for compromises. People realize that after this procedure it is already impossible just to slam the door and to leave that now marriage will be kept till an old age, so it is simpler to look for the decision, but not to run away from problems. Such position makes life easier, the spouses deprived of the choice try to be happy.

If young people do not believe in God, then for them a wedding only a beautiful ceremony. They with pleasure pass it, but do not attach great value. For them it does not bear global sense, so and is not difficult to break this vow at all. The lack of the special relation does not allow to speak about reliability of such bonds. Even if draws only one spouses on a wedding, and the second does not believe in this help, it is improbable that the ceremony will help to keep the relations or will make them better. Especially you should not go on such step at the beginning of family life, there can be a lot of things after a while, "pink glasses" will be gone, and life will introduce the amendments.

There are hundreds of stories which are told that they after a wedding of couple began to live better. There is a narration that after this event in church in couple which had infertility children appeared. And this talk is the truth, but matter in belief, in the sincere relation to church and god. Before making up the mind to this step, think, and you are sure of your union whether you can guarantee that in 20 years nothing will change? It is possible to hold a wedding and registration in a registry office not at the same time. Some couples go to church only after live together not less than 10 years. They at first check the union to be convinced that they were not mistaken but only they announce then the choice. This adult weighed decision which does marriage by really more reliable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team