Whether mother needs to continue to lead life of adult children

Whether mother needs to continue to lead life of adult children

Mother carries the child nine months under heart, and then all life ─ in heart. When the kid is born, mother ceases to belong completely to herself and leads his life. How many mother will continue to lead only this life, she solves. Depends on this decision much.

When the child is born, existence of mother is started on completion of needs of the child. Over time she is so involved in this role that ceases to consider itself or his independent beings. It occurs subconsciously.

When the child matures

Children are children until parents are alive. How many would not be to the person of years, parents him will like and to worry about him. But, sometimes such love happens to the detriment.

The child was born, the postnatal depression passed, and already charming young mother entirely devotes herself to the baby. And in it its main mistake. Living only for the child, the woman does not notice that darling and the adored child need more and more independence. The child grows up, often is not noticeable for mother, turning into the adult and completely independent person. And here the conflicts often begin. Already the adult begins to live not as the mother wants him. Such mothers extremely hard transfer the fact that their children start the, own family. They cannot accept the fact that children arrive in own way. Children grow up and do not need mothers as it was in the childhood. But mother who has a child and was her life, remains in a peculiar vacuum, takes offense at adult children. It seems to it that it is not necessary to them any more. Actually it not so. It is necessary, but not as earlier. And it is normal. The Indian wisdom says that the child in our house the guest who should be fed, given to drink, dressed and then to release. Here it is necessary not to forget about the last. Our children never belong to us.

How not to meet with the deserts

Very often excessively sponsoring the beloved child, mother bitterly regrets that the child grew up, but behaves as if small. He is not so independent, I pound from him any. Also it is necessary, already old and almost helpless, mothers to raise and sponsor forty, and even fifty-year-old "children", complaining that that did not grow wise. But, they are guilty only. Who did not give to the child the chance to study on the mistakes, to make the choice and to be responsible for its consequences? Of course, diligently sponsoring mother. As a rule, such children are not ungrateful, they just live the behavior model imposed to them. To lead mothers life of adult children or not, mother solves. If she feels and knows that it is necessary for her children, she cannot arrive differently. The parental duty is in putting on legs of the child. And it is not important how many to it at the same time it was executed years.

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