Whether office romance can develop into the serious relations

Whether office romance can develop into the serious relations

At most of people one third of all life passes at work. At each work, at any office there is the, the collective long ago created in which it is sometimes difficult to survive. Some women resolve a survival issue in heavy working collective simply: they start office romances.

The sudden relations at work

The romantic relations are got by colleagues for various reasons. So, for example, colleagues begin not so office communications because of the need for heat and care and also due to existence of common interests.

The woman working till several hours a day with the colleague automatically projects on it the warm feelings.

The relations of colleagues can remain at the level of office affair or develop into the serious relations. Psychologists strongly recommend people not to get any love relations at work as they can negatively affect image of the employee and promotion. Various rumors and a gossip which can not only thoroughly spoil mood, but also spoil career are an inevitable consequence of publicity of such relations.

Whether there can be a continuation at office romance

Not office relations can arise between the subordinate and the chief, the employer and the secretary, the security guard and the sales manager or the accountant. The relations between the liberated and young employee of office who is not burdened with family and children, and mature, very nice, well-groomed and attractive chief are rather widespread. At first sight, such novels most often, do not cause any problems to any of participants of office romance, especially if the chief is not married. At the same time cases when the chief is ready to pass from usual office romance to the serious relations are quite rare.

The girl can have serious feelings to the chief what can negatively affect not only quality of work of the employee, but also work of all office as colleagues will be constantly busy with discussion of the novel.

But under certain circumstances the office romance can develop also into the serious relations, especially if the girl or the woman correctly behaves. In principle, it is possible to learn about how just begun relations can end in advance. If the employer is more ready for an affair, it will surely affect his behavior and words. He can offer the subordinate a joint short-term trip or short-term meetings. It is necessary to refuse such "slippery" offers at once. In this case the chief can behave differently. If he does not plan the serious relations in general, he can switch to more "available" employee. Also other deal at which through certain time from it the proposal will arrive is possible.

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