Whether scenes of jealousy are necessary

Whether scenes of jealousy are necessary

The question of whether it is worth making rows to jealousy, concerns many women. There is no definite answer to it. In some couples such "shake-up" leads to rough and passionate reconciliation, in others - comes to an end with grandiose scandal and parting. Therefore the decision to be jealous or not to be jealous the partner in opened, each woman accepts for herself.

Scenes of jealousy - when they precisely superfluous

At the very beginning of the relations when the man and the woman only begin to recognize each other, the scenes of jealousy are absolutely superfluous and very often lead to parting. The novel can die away, without having begun. And all because the jealousy is a manifestation of feeling of the owner which at the first meetings looks quite strange. The man is not up to the end sure that he wants the relations with this woman, and she already makes him a claim, often even not reasonable. Such behavior frightens off many. The man thinks, what will be farther, if so "abruptly" everything began. Also it is frightened such intensity of emotions.

During a scene of jealousy you should not accuse the man of all mortal sins. You speak about the feelings. So you will inform rather why its inattention and flirtation with other women is offensive for you.

You should not make rows to jealousy and when the partner zaglyadetsya accidentally on other girl or told a compliment to the girlfriend. It does not mean at all that it was going to change. Just, as we know, men "are visual", they are attracted by all beautiful. And not the quite proper response of the partner to idle time innocent flirtation will cause bewilderment. The man will begin to think why she is not sure of herself that of her not so. And what the high probability will dig more deeply in it, that that he will find some small faults and will begin to look narrowly at them. Therefore the woman should not show that innocent flirtation of the partner with others somehow touches her. Thus she will let know that she to herself does not see competitors.

Do not make a row to jealousy in public or at the family. Even the most loving man will hardly react quietly to "public flogging".

When scenes of jealousy go for the good

There are cases when the jealousy restores rest and wellbeing in couple. There is it when from the moment of the meeting of the man and the woman there passed a lot of time - of a year and more. They already "got used" to each other, the household relations came to the place of passion. At this moment good "shake-up" is required. The jealousy will let know to the man that he is as loved as before. And having convinced of it, he in a different way will look at the girlfriend, will open new sides of her character which will seem to it interesting and unusual. The main thing not to be overzealous with scandals. If they wait for the partner every evening - that become norm soon and cease to add "peppercorn" to the relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team