Whether Solar Roads have a future?

Whether Solar Roads have a future?

became an integral part of our life. Many people began to be interested in development of solar power. At the same time, some of them consider that in the near future even roads will be capable to transfer digital data and the electric power. Imagine that roads will be covered with the special panels which are something between digital displays and solar elements.

The author of this idea is the electrical engineer Scot Bryusou. He created the system which received the name Solar Roads. It consists of a set of glass hexagonal panels with which Scot also wants to cover the surface of roads and parkings.

Many doubt safety of such system. According to them to go on glass moreover and to rainy weather – not the best idea. But creators assure that panels are developed from special material which will become fine replacement to asphalt.

Elements which will transform sunshine to electric energy are built in these panels. It will be possible to feed with the electric power developed by panels not only street lighting, but also nearby houses and the enterprises. Moreover, in these innovative roads the system of heating which will allow to clean them from snow or ice quickly will be provided. Also by means of the built-in light-emitting diodes on concrete sections of the road it is possible to display various information messages.

The layer which is at the top of panels is made of the processed glass, in them light-emitting diodes for lighting and implementation of inscriptions on a roadbed are built in. Panels are constructed in the form of a hexagon, have an opportunity to bear on itself weight about 100 tons and are used in absolutely different places: on roads, autobahns, bicycle tracks, pedestrian sidewalks, stadiums. Cost of one panel about $7000, and performance 7.6 kvtch every day.

Crosswalk: hexagons can determine the weight which is on the road. When something appears on the panel, whether it be the person or an animal, or the branch which fell from a tree, it on weight compares that it is not the car, and transfers such information to other panels of a roadbed. The solar road begins to notify, shine and write drivers Dump speed. Thus, the person or an animal can appear with bigger safety on other side of the road even if it occurs in a dark part of days.

This project already drew attention of some large the company, but whether it is enough of it after all to realize so large-scale idea. Many corporations invest in development of solar power today, but at the same time they cautiously treat such innovative projects as Solar Roads which demand just enormous investments. Investors are interested in the reliable companies which quickly generate revenue therefore in the near future Solar Roads will hardly become a reality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team