Whether success of the child depends on how with it parents speak?

Whether success of the child depends on how with it parents speak?

Experts claim that degree of success of children is in the future predetermined by parental conversations. In turmoil of daily occurrence many mothers and fathers do not attach significance to a simple talk with the child. Disowning formal phrases, parents continue to work, and children and spend days alone with own thoughts which are not finding expression in family dialogues.

About what and how to speak? 

It is unconditional that in family all communicate with each other. The question consists only in that, what is the time occupies communication whether dialogue is full. Psychologists whose professional activity in the sphere of the childhood and adolescence, consider two types of communication in family between parents and their child. The phrases said by mandative tone characterize official style of speech behavior in conversations with children. Being limited to similar communication, mothers, reserved and avaricious on emotion, and fathers interfere with cognitive development of children. The child comprehends richness of language by means of the built dialogue of full participants of communication. 

Parents should not simplify the speech and to minimize a lexicon. Such communication will create language competence at the child. Exclusively functional communication with children limits the speech and harmful affects study in the future: there is no sufficient vocabulary for expression of thoughts, the ability to build dialogue is not created. Children whose parents are sociable and ready for the maximum knowledge of the child do not break similar psychological and linguistic barriers. 

We discuss the events 

The child receiving high-quality communication from parents has certain advantages over peers. Confidential and sympathizing conversations give confidence to children, develop belief in force of family values. The child who is interesting to parents and is not limited with relatives in communication is harmonious and successful. Ten years ago scientists and psychologists made an experiment where mothers in a talk with children concerned various vital events. 

It was supposed to build so a conversation that the emphasis in a question of the adult was placed on a concrete object or a subject. Conclusions confirmed quality of these dialogues. Besides development of memory, updating of events, the child used the various strategy of storing in a conversation. The emotional connection between family members increases by means of warm communication. Thus the built dialogue helps the child to accept values of adults, to be sure of correctness of seniors from a circle of close people.

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