Whether the honeymoon for the rest of life is possible

Whether the honeymoon for the rest of life is possible

The honeymoon is not only the first, but also one of the most important periods in life of young family. This time is filled with sincere love and tenderness, during this period the foundation of the harmonious relations is laid, newlyweds get used to each other, and household problems do not declare themselves yet and do not disturb either the wife, or the husband.

The concept of a honeymoon exists for a long time, and at the people with different cultures and traditions. It is obvious that "honey" month was designated because it is the most pleasant period of marriage and young spouses spend this time alone, deriving pleasure from communication and cohabitation. So it is accepted that the majority of couples carry out a honeymoon far from the house, relatives and friends, on a romantic trip.

" Posthoney" period of young family

But the honeymoon comes to an end sooner or later, newlyweds come back to real life and in most cases their life is left not only by romanticism, but also feeling of love, euphoric happiness. And many of them ask a question of how to keep the former relations and whether it is possible to prolong a honeymoon for the rest of life?

When the love relations are only entered, partners stay in high spirits, try to look good and be the most friendly and obliging for each other. But after in the passport there was a treasured stamp, most of them believe that it is not necessary to make any efforts any more – an object of attention is won and the desirable is received. They become such what they are actually, and traits of character not always are only good and there comes the disappointment, the fairy tale leaves, euphoria disappears. But to keep and increase feelings, not to lose novelty in the relations, even many years later, any married couple can do if, of course, this desire mutual.

Look from two parties

Men and women differently imagine marriage and see the beginning of family life. The woman, as a rule, wants to keep the relations such what they were before marriage – still to receive compliments, flowers and gifts from the man. For her such behavior serves as confirmation that her partner still loves it. Men are more rational and already existence of a stamp in the passport for them is confirmation of eternal love, and the rose and candy stage for them comes to an end together with a honeymoon. The honeymoon ended, there came gray everyday life, lovers see each other daily, spend together much time, and not always they stay in good mood, as a result of monotony and monotony in life there comes emotional fatigue. And what it will lead to, depends on both partners, on their desire to prolong sensuality, to keep marriage.

How to keep love for a long time

Throughout all marriage of partners expect several psychological crises which not all can overcome, unfortunately. In a year there comes so-called crisis of the first year which serves as the beginning of check of marriage on durability. The conflicts in family are inevitable, but if spouses manage to listen and understand each other, then each quarrel will lead only to some new decision, a new stage in the relations. To keep the family relations, it is necessary to learn to agree with each other, to find compromise solutions. At first sight can seem that the concession infringes upon own interests in a dispute, but it not and to you it is not necessary to worry about it. If feelings sincere, then as soon as one of spouses makes though a small step towards, the partner at once responds and will surely reciprocate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team