Whether the man can love the woman if he hates her children

Whether the man can love the woman if he hates her children

To not all women has the luck to find the happiness in family life from the first. Not only childless marriages break up. Happens that the woman remains with the child or several children and tries to start a new family with other man. Its relations with them not always develop easily and simply.

Jealousy from children

It is necessary the man who fell in love with the woman who already have children twice more difficult. He has to improve the relations not only with it, but also with her daughters and sons. As an obstacle for this purpose first of all serves the jealousy. And it takes place as from children, and the man.

In life of family the new person appears. Consciously or subconsciously almost any child in such situation begins to be jealous: now he should share mother with someone. Often children provoke the conflicts with the new man in family. Especially sharply teenagers can react. Their jealousy amplifies also specifics of age.

Children also sometimes hardly accept that "the father was replaced". It is heavy to them to perceive the man not only as mother's gentleman, but also as new father. Subconsciously such child can feel guilty before the father for treachery. And such feelings can arise also at good relations with the father, and at bad. All this promotes some hatred from children to mother's boyfriend too. And such negative feelings easily cause the answer from the man.

Children as rivals

On the other hand, the man does not receive in the full order all 100% of time and attention of the beloved too. He can perceive children as the rivals. And when they provoke the conflict, some men begin to test to them hatred.

Conflicts as normal stage of development of the relations

Thus, the conflicts of any given degree at the beginning of the relations of the man and the woman having children are inevitable. It is a normal stage of succession of events. From that how successfully such conflicts will be overcome, the future of all family members will depend. First of all responsibility for overcoming mutual hatred lies on the man's shoulders. Children irrespective of age (both preschool children, and teenagers) can act on subconscious level. Whereas the man is quite capable to trace the feelings, to understand their reasons and to look for a way to heart of children.

If the man continues to hate children

The man can concentrate too on the hatred to children. It does not say at all that he does not love their mother. But such relation of the man demonstrates that he is not capable to accept the woman completely with all her life which part are children. Such man puts the beloved in very difficult situation. He forces it to choose constantly between him and children. It is very difficult choice. The relations in this case can stop even in the presence of mutual love between the man and the woman if it makes a final choice for children. Especially difficult is a situation if the man continues to hate the woman's children, expecting emergence in family of the child. With the birth of the kid the situation in family will be heated even stronger: the man will furiously advocate the interests of the own child often to the detriment of other children. Existence of hatred in family is admissible, but only very short time. If the man continues to treat badly the woman's children, without undertaking measures for overcoming negative feelings, then it will not promote psychological comfort either him, or her, or children. What, in turn, is capable to ruin love between adults.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team