Whether the married woman can carry a ring on a ring finger of the left hand

Whether the married woman can carry a ring on a ring finger of the left hand

Rings do not get out of fashion and are always popular. Young girls prefer small bright accessories. Women are more senior add ornament to a family symbol. However not all think that jewel on a certain finger makes the sense. What means a ring on a ring finger of the left hand?

Family aspect

There is an orthodox tradition – a ring finger put on a wedding ring. On the right hand it means a marriage, on left - a divorce or widowhood. At Catholics the wedding ring is put on right after the wedding the left hand. On right it is carried as a symbol of the held engagement.

The custom appeared in the ancient time. Residents of Egypt believed that from a ring finger to heart there passes "the love artery". Jewelry with which ancient Egyptians presented each other were metal. In ancient Rome the spouses exchanged rings from bronze and iron. The tradition to give gold jewelry appeared in the 3rd century.

Creative potential

The ring on the left ring finger helps to develop creative abilities, gives them additional forces. The main thing – strong desire to develop them. The people of creative professions having high potential carried such accessory. Perhaps, long wearing of ornament on this place added them self-confidence, helped to achieve good results and to win recognition of the audience.

Lack of happiness

There is an opinion that the ring finger of the left hand is decorated by the people lacking happiness. They consider that carrying such accessory will attract to them good luck and success. These people are distinguished by a positive spirit and thirst of pleasures. The ring by all means will help the tireless romantic to carry out the plans and intentions. Tells the size of jewel about much. The small ringlet demonstrates quiet and confident character of the owner. Too large accessory will tell about rough behavior of the owner.

Communication with the Moon

The left ring finger, according to legends, is tied directly not only with heart, but also with the Moon. The heavenly body is a symbol of beauty, purity and devotion. Not without reason lovers love jewelry in "lunar style". Products from silver for this purpose are considered as the most suitable. From stones turquoise, nephrite and amethyst will approach.

Medical effect

You should not forget also about medicinal properties of rings, everything depends on "nobility" of metal of which it it is made. Jewelry of plain metals, as a rule, does not bear in themselves any power, they serve as addition to an image. Products from silver are recommended to the tired people having headaches. Gold jewelry will give force and will save from elevated pressure.

To trust or not

Today the few trust in signs. Therefore, putting on jewelry a certain finger, do not attach it significance. More often they are worn to emphasize the prosperity, love for luxury and beautiful things. Ornament displays psychology and the status of the owner, sometimes acts as his mascot. Some consider that it is better to leave a ring finger of the left hand free, but the majority decorates it with accessories in different qualitative and quantitative variations. As well as many years, the ring remains a good gift to dear person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team