Whether the truth that the love lives 3 years?

Whether the truth that the love lives 3 years?

The love – as is a lot of in this word! Passion, inclination, feeling of soaring above the ground when it seems that you everyone is able. Why some couples break up in a couple of years after acquaintance, and others go hand in hand all the way the life? Whether the truth that the love lives 3 years – about it in this article.

Why the love lives 3 years in terms of psychology and physiology?

Scientists found out that many feelings of the person including they love, are caused by biochemical reactions in an organism. When the person falls in love, certain sites of his brain begin to emit various substances – hormones, biologically active components, neuropeptids, adrenaline, serotonin, substances of an amphetamine row, etc. They also define behavior of the person the next 3 years. Why 3? Yes because just by the end of this term the biochemical reactions in an organism stop.

Those who is interested why say that the love lives 3 years should answering that the child conceived in this time supports the level of hormones at the appropriate level. Until it gets stronger and will get up, their concentration remains quite high, and after incident of 36 months falls. After that the woman loses interest in the partner. In terms of psychology there is a fading of feelings which is urged on by life, mutual grinding in, the solution of various family problems. Therefore it is possible to claim with confidence that the love lives 3 years and it is the truth. Another thing is that not all partners leave after this term. Many move to the new level caused by education in their blood of hormones of endorphins.

That is if partners derive pleasure from communication with each other, maintaining joint economy, sex and other aspects of activity, then they remain a row. That is the relations endure a new round of the development which is called mature love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team