Whether the woman needs to work

Whether the woman needs to work

"Whether the woman needs to work?" is a question which gives rise to a lot of disputes both in society, and in specific family. Once long ago the woman had one role of the keeper of the center. But times changed and, having achieved equality, women do not wish to concede to men in business.

Did not exist several hundreds years ago when people lived big families of several generations, the need for work at women. All the time and forces left on education of children and a household. Now one or two children on average are the share of one family, household chores were facilitated by various household appliances, and women had a desire to work.

Who is able to afford not to work

Release of the woman from work is directly connected with a financial position in family. Proceeding from it, it is possible to allocate two types of unemployed women.

The female housewife is able to afford not to work if the man is capable to undertake all financial cares, completely providing family. Some husbands in such situations even categorically against work of the wife. What can be finer, than a ready breakfast since morning a bit earlier, a hot lunch on a table in a working break, an order in the house and happy children with whom played took a walk?

The female princess, living with the wealthy man, does not even wish to think of work. Personal care and maintenance of beauty belongs to its duties to please the second half with the appearance. If such situation suits the man – why would be not present.

To whom it is vital to work

The business woman or the business lady cannot live without work even on condition of security of the husband. Work for it as air without which she chokes and withers within four walls the house. As a rule, such women try to obtain good advance on a career ladder and do not want to hear even hints on leaving work. Single mother, unfortunately, is not able to afford to stay at home, she not only mother and the teacher, but also the only wet nurse in family. Though it is possible to find work at home or with part-time. Some women come to work financially not to depend on the man and not to ask money for own requirements: shopping, rest, entertainments. Also the category of women for whom work is a hobby meets. Just it is boring for them to stay at home and be engaged in economy or to walk on beauty shops. Work brings them moral satisfaction and self-realization. There is no definite answer to a question: whether the woman has to work. It is influenced by such factors as a marital and financial position, desire of the woman, its value. Anyway the woman should have no work on the first place, there should not be a choice: family or work. She is first of all a wife and mother, and then the worker.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team