Whether the young family should live with parents – pros and cons

Whether the young family should live with parents – pros and cons

During creation of new family the young people have many questions. One of the most painful turns out housing. What wins and what is lost by the young family making the decision to live with parents? In this situation there are both pluses, and shortcomings.

Advantages of joint life

Economy . This fact often becomes decisive in the choice of a question — to remove housing or to live with parents. Apartments rise in price every year, and not always the young family is able to afford to live independently. Besides to make serious purchases (washing machine, the TV , etc.) is cheaper by sharing the cost with parents.

Support. On condition of trusting relationship the help of parents will be invaluable in many cases, for example, the child's birth. And the spouses who only graduated institute will be grateful for support, having faced a set of financial problems.

Circle of contacts. The more people in family, the there is more opportunity for communication. The spouses conducting conversations only among themselves very often get oversaturated the company of each other. And as result, there are quarrels and various cavils.

Cohabitation shortcomings

Personal space. If in one house there live several generations, then restriction of personal space – a problem quite essential. All holidays should be coordinated with members of household, two hostesses try to divide kitchen and also there is a set of other everyday issues.

Borders and intervention. Living separately, the young family can establish the rules (when also who removes, washes the dishes , etc.). If the family lives with parents, to establish similar rules very difficult poetomuv the main it is necessary to adapt to already developed traditions. And sometimes and to listen to unflattering remarks: "Why your husband himself cooks food? And you what for?"

Inequality. So it turns out that one of spouses lives in the home with the parents, and for another – this house others. It is healthy if parents are ready to perceive both children as equals. If they support one of them, whether it be own child or the elect (darling) of disputes and conflicts not to avoid.

Impossibility to mature. It is very difficult to feel and behave as the adult, remaining under the care of parents, i.e. living under the same roof with them. There will be parents capable treats the children as  adult self-sufficient persons a little.

Irrespective of the made decision to live with parents or separately, you remember that only you can  establish borders of intervention in your family. And only you have to make decisions. You should not neglect the help and support, but the respect of parents for your family should be deserved. Only this way you will be able to start an own family!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team