Whether there are pluses at a divorce during pregnancy

Whether there are pluses at a divorce during pregnancy

Each person, marrying, hopes that it for the rest of life. But at times it happens so that during pregnancy the woman is forced to leave the husband. To live with the despot, the alcoholic, the pathological idler becomes impossible.

It is legally favorable to any woman that the child had a father, and the child is given birth in marriage. But in life there are situations when at such joyful, apparently, moment, preservation of marriage and further cohabitation becomes impossible.

Divorce pluses during pregnancy

According to the IC RF, can submit the application for divorce during pregnancy only the woman. And the judge will consider it, will understand that not too good joint life pushed the woman expecting a baby on such step. The material benefit is available, future mother can collect alimony from careless daddies not only on the child, but also on herself, before achievement of three years by the kid. Situations when the husband does not give to the wife of money practically for anything while it is in the decree and does not work, are not so rare.

Marrying, the woman could not know what the spouse is capable of. The house tyrant is often shown then when the woman becomes dependent on him. And pregnancy – that situation. And then the divorce bears in itself the benefit, the woman receives quiet life, nobody scoffs at it. The same concerns both alcoholics, and parasites who show the real face during such period. When future mother, and then and mother, is happy and quiet, near her well to the kid. It cannot be told about a situation when the man, in fact, the father only on metrics, but not on behavior, slights house. And in its absence to the child will be much more comfortable.

Divorce minuses at pregnancy

Minus can be considered only absence of the father, but such situation can be corrected if mother married other man. Among minuses as well the fact that the father biological can begin to evade from payment of alimony, that is simply not to fulfill lawful maintenance obligations. And then mother should or come to work as soon as possible, or to constantly visit bailiffs. Conscious fathers among those who were left during pregnancy, practically not to find. In such state the woman will never leave the good man. One more huge minus. If mother adjusted the life without participation of the father of the child, it is wealthy and successful, or it has worthy other husband, and she has an opportunity to leave on rest of the Russian Federation, then the ex-husband can really spoil life. From it it will be possible to achieve with great difficulty the exit visa abroad of the child. He can or disappear and not agree, or for signing of the document to demand a payment, or to force the woman to refuse receiving alimony. Though being a husband, such person in everything will constantly disturb.

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