Whether there can be a friendship between the guy and the girl

Whether there can be a friendship between the guy and the girl

The question of friendship between men and women concerns many minds. There are two opposite opinions in this respect. Whether people of a different floor can be on friendly terms without sexual implication?

What does the love differ from friendship in?

For a start it is necessary to understand terminology. What is friendship? By this word it is accepted to designate mutual attachment of two people. What is love? This concept includes strong attachment from sincere arrangement to passion. Both the love, and friendship are based on attachment. A difference in an emotional context. Exactly here the dog is also buried. Very often the love is natural development of friendship, the attachment in this case does not disappear anywhere, additional emotional coloring just appears.

Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if you are on friendly terms from people since the childhood, it is quite possible that for years of communication your friendship is not transformed to something new just by force of habit. But usually what begins as friendship changes over time. The man and the woman friendly communicate, share the most intimate (because friends), spend together much time... At some point it turns out that one (or one) from them had more strong feelings.

It is normal process, any person wants love. Desire to be favourite — one of basic for survival of a human look. Ideally, change of emotions happens at the same time. In such cases both persons look at each other and understand that they want bigger, than the friendly relations. But ideal situations meet not too often.

Emergence of love

The most popular development of such friendship - love appears only at one person from couple. There are two scenarios of further developments. The first - the lover is afraid to spoil the existing relations, to lose a possibility of communication therefore shows nothing the feelings. The second — the lover speaks about the feelings. Most often it leads to irreversible change of the relations. And not always to positive. It is almost impossible to fall in love in reply "at own will". And to communicate with the person in a former lung, a friendly key after recognition it becomes very difficult. All this does not mean that friendship between the man and the woman cannot be absolutely. Just it is worth being prepared for the fact that it can become a temporary phenomenon. Honesty in such situation - the best policy. If suddenly one of couple has love experiences, better to say about it at once. It is so possible to suspend communication in time. Because it is much simpler to finish something when it only begins, it is so possible to manage with small losses and not up to the end broken heart.

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