Whether there can be feelings to girls of easy virtue

Whether there can be feelings to girls of easy virtue

In life there is anything, and situations in which men are fond of girls, to put it mildly, of easy virtue are rather widespread. Whether these feelings are only a consequence of strong sexual inclination, or something serious after all can grow from them? Whether the relations with such girl are doomed to failure?

On love for the girl who is not burdened with the excessive moral principles, books are written, about it songs are sung and the set of series and feature films is shot. Most, perhaps, known of them – "Beauty" - tells the viewer that even the intellectual millionaire can have deep warm feelings in relation to "moth". And how the situation in real life is?

Whether origin of feelings to the girl of easy virtue is possible?

The average man with rather big degree of probability can be fond of "call girl". Quite often these girls are very attractive; besides, the vast experience of communication with various men necessarily turns such girls into quite good psychologists. They intuitively feel what manner of behavior will be most attractive to this specific young man. For this reason at the man an impression that this girl – not just his mistress for one night, and that "half" which he looked for all the life can be made.

It is fine if the girl is able to share warm feelings of the man to it and will manage to reciprocate on them and if is not present? She for the life saw a great number of various young people and hardly creates illusions on the fact that it is possible to meet some "special" man. Whether she will want to leave a profession for the sake of the man in love with it? Whether the man will manage to reconcile to the past of the beloved? Whether the faithful companion of life and good mother will turn out from the ex-girlfriend of easy virtue?

Whether the relations with the girl of easy virtue have a future?

Of course, in life there is anything. Former "moths" can really turn into the loving wives and careful mothers. Besides, the intimate party of family life with such women usually so remarkable that will also not come to the man to mind to seek a variety somewhere elsewhere. But it is impossible to exclude also negative succession of events in the relations with such girl. Distinguish three main reasons inducing the girl to be engaged in prostitution. Two of them – someone's coercion and the catastrophic shortage of money – anyway explain why it was forced to choose for itself such profession. But quite often young ladies with some deviations in the sphere of sexual behavior, and in other words – nymphomaniacs become girls of easy virtue. To such girl there will always be not enough one man, and kind of she did not try to be loyal to it, their union is doomed anyway. Actually any relations between two people are unique, and it is not necessary to try to adjust them to any already existing scenario. The true love overcomes everything, and hardly dissolute life of the girl prior to a meeting with darling becomes have to an obstacle for happiness of two.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team