Whether there is a justification to the man who threw the pregnant wife?

Whether there is a justification to the man who threw the pregnant wife?

In life there are such things about which sometimes even it dread to think. For some people the family is a smooth water where always warmly and comfortably. But not always spouses manage to keep the family.

When in family there is a gap – it is always sad, but it is life, and it is necessary to understand it. There is a set of the reasons for which the loving people leave. For some reason surrounding people most often take the part of the wife, considering that a divorce - very heartrending experience for the woman. If the man throws the pregnant wife, here people around not only take the part of the wife, but also in every possible way call the man "rascal".

Whether it is worth judging the man who threw the pregnant wife?

Situations are different, and to you it is not necessary to consider all men who throw pregnant wives rascals. Yes, such situation causes grief, and someone wants to sympathize with the woman. However it is worth remembering the female nature, very often huge role is played by a maternal instinct which blocks all other feelings.

The situation when the husband does not wish the child at this concrete moment is frequent, directly reports about it to the wife, but that contrary to his opinion makes the decision to conceive the kid. Such man is sometimes forced to leave family. The family is a mutual respect when each of spouses is considered with opinion of the second and if opinions differ, they try to find a compromise, but not to present with a fait accompli.

During pregnancy of the woman often behave too emotionally therefore some men cannot just sustain the stressful situation arising in family and leave.

Also there are situations when in family there is a dissonance and that to rumple it, the woman decides "to tie" the husband the child. This very naive delusion. Still any woman could not hold the man presence of the general child. The woman is guilty of similar situations first of all, she knew that she now not time for the child, but stubborn carried out the installation – to keep family by all means.

Arriving in this way, the woman has to be ready at once that it independently should bring up the kid as not to stick together the cracked relations the child's birth.

Look from the woman

From the point of view of the woman, certainly, the man throwing the pregnant wife arrives as the monster for whom there is nothing sacred. However, if to think, unless it is possible to force the person to love someone with a great effort? If the man does not love the woman, in most cases, he will be indifferent to the child. Nothing in such family good will be. Perhaps, it would be easier for the woman if the man left her after pregnancy and childbirth to avoid excess stresses, but men seldom think of it. Certainly, the pregnant woman who is thrown by the husband ceases to respect him as the man, and, most likely, her heart is filled with hatred to it. From her point of view - it is fair, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to force anybody to love or live with the unloved person. Before taking offense at the guy, think, maybe, the act he saved both of you?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team