Whether there is a place to timeouts in the relations

Whether there is a place to timeouts in the relations

Not all relations pass smoothly and cloudlessly. Doubts can destroy the ideal world, and sometimes it is possible understand himself and the feelings only far from the partner. But it is necessary to report about a break in the relations delicately that offenses and misunderstanding did not appear.

Do not throw the partner into the difficult vital period. If at it the dog died or discharged from office, it is necessary to support, but not to suggest to leave for a while. Wait better until life of the guy returns to normal, and after that you pass to the offer. The conversation has to take place at a personal meeting, without strangers that you could explain quietly a situation and answer all questions.

It is not necessary to drive it in a depression phrases "I doubt our relations" or "it seems to me that you not the one who is necessary to me". Just tell that you need to understand yourself and that you want to stay alone. If you are not able to think up the worthy reason, tell that you go to a business trip. But then you should hide from it and mutual friends that he did not take offense at deception.

Try to give to a conversation ease that there was no feeling of the real parting. Any tears, apologies or gloomy look. But in your voice there has to be a confidence and determination. Let know that you made the decision, it is important for you, and you just want to notify it on it.

It is the best of all to designate timeout time. If you do not tell at least approximate terms of your parting, it can decide that it forever. Otherwise you can return to it when it already has other girl. Therefore at once let know that it is only a temporary measure for short term.

During a break in the relations

When having rummaged in the relations will come, it is not necessary to break away and create the new novel. You took this time to understand yourself and to decide on feelings. Do not give in to desire to call or write to the partner because you need to be discharged of it completely. Estimate the condition in separation: do you worry or enjoy loneliness? Do you miss? Do you want to finish an experiment quicker? Pay attention to behavior of the partner. If during a break he watches you, keeps ringing, tries to influence your decision, so he really values you and worries. But, on the other hand, if instead of lovely messages you receive jealous and unpleasant messages, seriously think whether this person is worthy to be with you.

Tell the partner about the decision

When you finally understand the thoughts and make the decision, do not tighten a conversation with the partner. If you decided to be together, invite to a meeting and tell that you cannot live without it. Otherwise also suggest to meet, and then honestly admit that it is better for you to leave. Do not tighten this conversation that the person amused himself with vain hopes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team