Whether there is life after death?

Whether there is life after death?

Such phobia as fear of death enters ten human phobias. The reason of it is that people a little know of a condition of the person after vitals cease to function. Information on life after death is happy is contradictory. In each religion there is the understanding of this question described in sacred books. Scientists, doctors, journalists, psychics also accumulated a lot of information on life after the last line. However nobody can tell with absolute confidence whether there is life after death.

Mediums about life after death

Mediums claim that life after death of a physical body proceeds. Therefore adherents of spiritism suggest relatives to communicate to the dead on seances during which there are various miracles: voices are heard, objects move, shadows seem.

The other world is drawn by them as quite pleasant and light in which souls find joy and calm.

However many people subject to doubts of a statement of spiritists, connecting miracles on sessions with presence at mediums of the good gift of persuasion and possession of a technique of targeting of a trance.

Life after death in Orthodoxy

According to orthodox tradition of soul after death of a physical body go to other world. Life after death is connected at them with paradise and hell. Soul travels some time and gets to a purgatory after which its fate is defined. On where soul will get – to paradise or hell, - human life, its affairs, belief and prayers of relatives for the dead influences.

Orthodox believers consider that souls of the dead can watch living and periodically visit people. Most often it occurs for holidays. However specially it is not recommended to cause souls and to communicate with them in orthodox tradition as it the person interferes with the other world and can draw a trouble.

However such representation in Orthodoxy disperses from the doctrine of other Christian currents which are guided in the doctrine by the Bible and consider that there is no soul life after death.

Whether there are proofs of life after death?

Scientists provide such proofs of life of soul after body death:

  1. Light and tunnel during clinical death. However some doctors consider that it is connected only with oxygen starvation of a brain which leads to hallucinations in the form of bright light.
  2. The strange stories told by people during a deep trance. Cases when during a trance of people begins to tell about last generations are recorded and to speak unclear languages. However such stories can be connected with the fact that the person in a trance is conducted on the words of the hypnotist and begins to compose what the expert wants to hear.
  3. Reflections of scientists in the field of quantum physics who say that matter has different properties which cannot vanish after death.
  4. Photos of bodies after death. There are photos in which it is possible to see the transparent spirit leaving a body. However whether it is possible to trust such photos presently when the photoshop can work really wonders?
  5. Measurement of a body before death and later. Scientists recorded that body weight after death is lost that can be connected with leaving a soul body. However such difference can be caused by disintegration of cages and decrease in amount of air in an organism.

Despite comprehensive study of a question of life after death, it and remains open. Each person can have the opinion on this question, however he will only receive the final answer when crosses the last line.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team