Whether there is life on other planets?

Whether there is life on other planets?

As the cine classic spoke: Whether There is life on Mars whether there is no life on Mars, the science does not know of it. But it is serious over a question whether there is life on other planets, the science thinks for a long time.

We, as ordinary people of Earth, those who brought not really closer to scientific community, we can tell with confidence 50 on 50 only one: other life in space or is, or is not present. When ideas of Earth were limited to three elephants on a turtle, probably, people were surer that they are unique. But with development of science the mankind looked out out of borders of the planet Earth and reasonably began to doubt in the uniqueness.

So after all it is interesting to learn how far scientists promoted in this question. And at them, as well as at us, all shared on two camps. Some say that the reason, except ours, most likely, in space is, and others say that they, most likely, are not present.

Dog and computer

The first that comes to our mind and is familiar long ago to all, is a version of creation of the God's world the beginning. Such belief opens the widest field for imagination and conceals in itself many riddles. For example – that was to a Big Bang and that became its reason, than comes to an end space when time ends whether there is other life in the Universe and so on.

We still are at such stage of development that, having even learned answers to these questions, we could not understand them. It the same as, for example, to explain to a dog the computer device. And the dog as the carrier of some mind is, and the computer is, and the principles of electricity are known. But we will not be able to explain it to an animal. Levels of development of intelligence, different at us. Such comparison suggests an idea of existence of the highest reasonable energy which progressed in development much further, than we, but yet can explain nothing to us.

Elephant Horton and parallel world

Following such interesting theories, it is possible to concern also the parallel worlds. The parallelism of the universe is already proved scientifically, removed it mathematical model. From the point of view of mathematicians, precisely there are a lot more measurements, except our three, having found which, it is possible to get to the parallel worlds. We can accept time as the fourth measurement already now and to approximately try to understand what is the parallel worlds. We yesterday, we now and we tomorrow are already at least three such worlds.

And what already to tell about micro and a macrocosmos which to survey to the smallest particle or to the greatest congestion of matter, probably it will never not turn out. Perhaps there live to themselves little men on the planet which spins around the sun which shines in the system and everything together they fly in the galaxy. And actually this galaxy so small that is, for example, just a water molecule from a glass at us on a table. And it is unimportant where this water flows, boils or freezes. For a molecule, atom or an electron everything is stable, and life if it is there, proceeds. Briefly it, as in the children's fairy tale when an elephant Horton carried a dandelion which, in turn, was the huge world for the whole microscopic people. And if to imagine all this, then also and we can be a part of a macrocosmos. And our Universe together with us just floats in someone's huge glass of water.

On such questions there are no answers yet, but they set thinking strongly over a secret of the universe and search of other civilizations.

Zoo hypothesis

We will look further in space where the mankind already has a certain knowledge base. There everything is more or less clear. There is three-dimensional space. In it there are stars, planets, huge galaxies and their huge congestions. And if there are other forms of intelligent life in space which we will be able physically to see or hear, then them, most likely, it is necessary to look for there.

Still Konstantin Tsiolkovsky said: In the known Universe it is possible to count one million billions sun. So, we have as much the planets similar to Earth. It is improbable to deny on them life. If it arose on Earth then why will not appear under the same conditions on planets, similar to Earth?

In the hypothesis of the Zoo he claimed that perfect forms of life in space watch us as we watch animals in a zoo. And they so just do not go to us, as well as we do not go to a cage to wolves, venomous snakes or gorillas.

Elysium which we do not see yet

The similar principle was called Fermi's paradox. It was formulated by the American physicist of the Italian origin Enrico Fermi. It asked a simple question: Whether We are the only reasonable and technologically advanced civilization in the Universe? Fermi claimed: If in our galaxy there has to be a set of the developed civilizations, then where they? Why we do not observe any traces of intelligent extraterrestrial life, such, for example, how probes, spaceships or broadcasts?.

Now we do not see obvious traces or results of activity of aliens. The age of our Universe is billions of years. Means, for billions of years of the development, these reasonable beings would have to be settled on all Universe. And space peyazh with the Elysium in a night sky, would be for us absolutely habitual. They would have to be almost everywhere, but they are absent. Or we only this way think that they are absent.

Jackpot for mankind

Other hypothesis which to us many centuries tried to hammer is a Hypothesis of unique Earth. Despite the dopotopnost, it has the right to life too and says that development of our multicellular life form is very rare because of uniqueness of planets of terrestrial type. That is our placement in the galaxy among many killing stars, Earth orbit radius around the Sun, existence of the satellite of the Moon – all these parameters are so unique and a consequence of such improbable coincidence that emergence of life on Earth can be considered as a prize in a lottery, but not as regularity of existence of the Universe.

To understand uniqueness and a rarity such situations we will take, for example, the Moon. The moon was formed owing to collision of the small planet with young Earth more than 4 billion years ago. And so if the angle of collision was several degrees more or less Earth would die. Or the Moon would not have the modern sizes that would pull for itself changes of magnetic field of Earth or formation of lifeless climate.

They are not such

Opponents of this hypothesis say that it is necessary to take in attention not only carbon life forms what we are. At other space and climatic conditions of creation of life, could be created, essentially other than terrestrial, living organisms on the basis of sulfur, phosphorus or other chemical elements and which the uniqueness of Earth would be optional. At once the movie Stranger in which alien creatures had the liquid similar to acid instead of blood habitual to us is remembered.

Galactic plot

One more, similar not a hypothesis of the Zoo of Tsiolkovsky, a modern hypothesis of the Galactic plot against Earth. This hypothesis also tries to explain Fermi's paradox and claims that in our galaxy there are several advanced civilizations which entered into galactic alliance (does not remind Star Wars?) and where people of Earth are not let because of the insufficient level of development of our civilization yet.

To get to such union, it is necessary to have the history of development of intelligent life in several million years. People, with couples of dozen or even hundreds of thousands of years, in this plan it is simple still babies. Such advanced civilizations to hide the existence, could just construct similarity of the sphere around the Solar system for filtration of external signals therefore we also cannot receive any radio signal from space. Thus they, perhaps, created the information reserve for a human civilization and its own development.

We too far from each other

Some scientists think that the Universe develops evenly. And, perhaps, other civilizations are at the same stage of development, as well as we reflecting over a question whether there is life in the Universe, except Earth.

We now in real time can survey space not further of the Solar system. Our galaxy the Milky Way has the size of 100,000 light years. Stars at which we look every night, maybe, already went out many thousands years ago. What already to tell about other galaxies where, perhaps, and there were planets on which life is possible?

It is necessary to understand that we see in the telescope not modern space, but that space what it was millions and billions years ago. And all this time light flew to Earth. Our radio signal will reach to them, as well as them to us, through the same huge interval of time. Perhaps in so many years the mankind will not exist any more in principle. Our Sun will go out sooner or later. And the signal just will not be whom to accept any more if the mankind does not reach such development to have an opportunity to leave the native Solar system. Perhaps, as others, already nonexistent, civilizations, once sent a signal, and we will receive it, but without chance of reciprocity.

But we hope that else in this life we will be able to come into contact with other friendly advanced civilizations. And it can occur contrary to all existing hypotheses and conjectures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team