Whether treason is considered a sin?

Whether treason is considered a sin?

People not always differ in fidelity to the soulmates. Some easily are solved on treason and do it for various reasons. However there is such opinion that treason is not just treachery, but also a sin.


1. Treason – the tragedy which destroys even the strongest families. Orthodox people know how it is difficult to love not that the enemy, even the neighbor. Of course, it is not so simple, but if to have God in soul, quite perhaps. Most often adultery is not a consequence of love for other person, it is devilish temptation. The love is considered God's business, and adultery – business devilish. For this reason people have to obey God and execute his precepts not to get on this adultery. And, if to break at least one commandment though the smallest, it is possible to break all Scripture.

2. Absolute Orthodoxy blesses any marriage for love. Though some people think of how Orthodoxy can bless family in which there is no true love yet. Actually, according to Christianity, marriage is created in order that people learned to love each other and the children. Having learned to love the relatives, the person to learn to love also other people who surround it. If you got married the soulmate in church or there passed some other ceremonies, violation of marital fidelity for you has to be under a total ban. There is a precept which forbids adultery. And this precept has no reservations and exceptions giving the chance to find to itself though some justification after treachery commission.

3. Of course, in each orthodox family can happen so that the person will have some temptation. And if before it it was not succeeded to keep, it is worth remembering, how one of Saint devotees taught: "Fell – get up. Again fell – again get up". And the Lord spoke so: "In what I will find you, in that and I judge". Also it is necessary to do everything in order that the Lord did not find you when you stumbled and fell. After each falling it is necessary to rise whatever strong and dangerous this falling was.

4. Those romantic feelings which were before marriage will pass sooner or later. Well, and if to love the soulmate really, even in case of cooling of feelings it is quite possible to refuse all temptations which appear on your course of life. It needs to be done at least in honor to the partner. Yes, treason is a sin which can hardly be expiated a prayer. However if the person decided to follow a way of correction any more never will go for treachery, most likely, its mistake will be forgiven after a while.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team