Who has to write the first: guy or girl

Who has to write the first: guy or girl

Recently for communication the people began to use very often social networks and usual SMS messages. However concerning the one who has to write the first there is a set of disputes.

Why the guy has to write the first?

According to the developed stereotypes, the guy always has to the first show a communication initiative. Was considered earlier that the girl who the first writes the man is thoughtless and persuasive therefore ladies looked forward to the first step from the beloved.

If the guy very much liked the representative of an opposite sex, he surely has to tell her about it, otherwise he just risks to miss the chance. Even the refusal which it can receive in reply will be not such painful as male cowardice. Only present that you hesitate to start dialogue with the girl who was pleasant to you, and you will think then that happiness was almost in your hands, and you missed it.

Why the girl can write the first too?

All stereotypes about the one who has to write the first for a long time became outdated. Girls psychologically are more brave and strong, than guys therefore they can easily show an initiative and independently begin communication with the person. Even if the woman will not attract the man with the appearance, he will hardly ignore her message as he will be interested in her courage. And then, having communicated to the representative of an opposite sex a little longer, the girl will get a chance to show it the intellectual data, high I.Q. and other merits. Some girls prefer to avoid manifestation of an initiative, being afraid to seem persuasive. However you have to remember that your message will negatively not be regarded. Men, on the contrary, love courageous women. Besides, women can refuse communication with the guy only to intrigue him. It would seem, still quite recently they lovely spent time on the first appointment, and after that the girl vanishes, and initially she let the guy know that she is interested in it. Such behavior, of course, is admissible, but thus girls risk to receive the reciprocal ignore list from the guy. Remember one thing: if you very much liked any given person, you should not stuff yourself the head with the fact that it is correct and that - no. Do that you want. If you miss about someone, tell it about it. If you want to meet, invite. If you need any help, ask. Remember that life is too short and unpredictable therefore other chance you can not have it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team