Who such child-free?

Who such child-free?

Families which consciously have no desire to have children call child-free. Today childfree is rather fashionable foreign term. Who such child-free and for what reason their idea is rather popular among married couples of the West – further in article.

Child-free – what does it mean?

Chaydfri, are those who have an opportunity to have children, but have no such desire - call such families on the English harmony, in translation it means voluntarily childless. The child-free movement is not just beliefs, it is a way of life according to which married couples live throughout all life. For such couples thought up even specialized resorts and restaurants which cannot be visited with the child.

It is possible to tell that child-free it is peculiar fashion not to have children. Adherents of this movement can be divided into two types: those who do not transfer children at all whether it understanding native or other people's children, and those who do not want to bring the children, but treat other people's children patiently.

Child-free - the reasons

What reasons of child-free emergence? Most of psychologists consider that it is the so-called victims of the parents who not really and wanted children, but as parents with firmness executed the debt contrary to the desires. Such children remember reaction of the parents. Remember their irritation and disgust and for this reason have no desire on continuation some kind of.

However there is also other opinion. That the child-free supporter can be brought up also by parents who sponsored and loved the child. Having given all love and time to this child, forgot about themselves, they could not realize in anything themselves. This behavior becomes stronger in consciousness of the child, and he comes to a conclusion about what to be a parent this heavy encumbrance which has no desired character at all.

But nevertheless, despite the reasons of such behavior of married couples, not persons interested to have the children, you should not press and say on them how it is correctly necessary to arrive. You should not condemn them, to abuse and the more so to laugh at them. They made the choice quite consciously and have to it the right.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team