Who such conservatives?

Who such conservatives?

sometimes hear in the address: You are a conservative!, understanding that it is not absolutely a compliment. Or in news on TV quite often slip phrases, like: Conservative party voted for the new bill. These statements for many people remain a riddle, about the one who such conservatives, know not all. And this concept can use in relation to the person and in direct, and figuratively.

Who such conservatives - definition of a concept

To receive the correct answer to a question that the conservative means, first of all, it is necessary to look at sources of the word. It, as well as the majority of terms, has Latin origin and on the value is very similar to other word - canned food because a root at them one: conserve that means to keep. In the beginning the word was used as the philosophical concept carrying to the socio-political sphere, but then this quality began to be transferred to the certain individual. Therefore today speaking about conservatives, can mean the certain person with special type of attitudes or the representative of concrete political - conservative - party. Both that, and another will be conservatives, but will differ at the same time.

Who such conservative person?

Rather often the word conservative is used in relation to the ordinary person who is not engaged in political or vigorous social activity. And, this definition can carry both approving, and negative character. Not to get into an awkward situation, it is necessary to know what is meant by the conservative in case so call you or someone from your acquaintances. Most likely, the interlocutor does not want to cause offense and means only commitment to a certain frame of reference which affects vital credo and can tell a lot of things about character of the person. Main lines of conservative type of outlook it:

  • the sober, weighed, critical attitude to life;
  • alerted, sometimes abhorrence to new trends;
  • fear and avoiding of any changes;
  • the aspiration to live here and now, the skeptical relation to hypothetical future happiness;
  • extreme honoring of traditions, even frankly outdated and harmful;
  • commitment to the past, its idealization.

Sometimes conservatism of the person is identified with stagnancy, but it is quite misleading. In the aspiration to keep existing, there is nothing bad, without last achievements will be also the subsequent. Besides, the human civilization develops on a spiral therefore some ideas of conservatives can acquire the status of progressive in general.

What do conservative politicians support?

Classical example of conservative political party is one of fractions of the British parliament. In our history the brightest sample it is possible to call the socio-political movement of Slavophiles in the 19th century, and now many define the closest to conservatives of representatives of Communist political party.

The following lines are most characteristic of conservative politicians:

  • very critical attitude to any radical reforms;
  • aspiration to maintaining national identity, a protection from influence of foreign culture;
  • propaganda for strict restriction of import to a necessary minimum, an appeal to place emphasis on domestic goods and services;
  • maintenance of measures for preservation of traditional social and public and religious way in the country;
  • formalism in relation to fashionable trends in all public spheres.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team