Who such Mormons?

Who such Mormons?

The current of Mormons arose in the USA, but today them, often, it is possible to meet practically in any corner of the globe therefore a question of the one who such Mormons, gains more and more relevance.

The Mormonism is the religious culture which appeared at the beginning of the nineteenth century and is called Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Well, and call Mormons already directly followers of this church who have to adhere to the set of certain rules and the principles. It is important to tell that today Mormons there are already more than fourteen million people.

With a question who such Mormons, everything is simple and clear, but what they are engaged in and at the expense of what exist? There is this organization standardly due to receipts of its participants, and some people work even just on a voluntary basis. It is possible to carry the following to their major activities: belief of new people, education of already available participants, church service, missionary work, solution of social problems, humanitarian assistance to victims of any disaster.

What do Mormons trust in?

Mormons preach that the true church disappeared after the death of the last apostle, and in 1820 J. Smith began to restore this true doctrine after vision which was directed to it from above.

What is interesting, the church of Mormons did not apprehend uncompromisingly bible history as consider that it is translated correctly only partially. And later they wrote The most correct book on the earth.

As a result, the sacred writing of the Bible it was added, and in some moments it is changed.

Many call Mormons by sect that is quite justified from written above. So, they separated from the main religious direction and based the own doctrine.

The food bans at Mormons

Very strict ban at Mormons on tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages. About other products it is considered that prohibitions go not from God therefore it is necessary just to adhere to moderation and it is correct to adjust the diet.

It is worth knowing that in the Mormon communities also in the ban and tobacco. And, as a result, as a result average life expectancy of Mormons is eight years more, than Americans.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team