Who such Rasta?

Who such Rasta?

To understand who such Rasta, it is necessary to study sources of his religion at first in more detail. The pro-Rastafarianism received the beginning in Ethiopia, approximately, in 800 of our era. At this particular time by the country it was adopted Christianity. As many Rastas consider, Ethiopia was the center of the earthly paradise that, in turn, confirms the Old Testament.

Also it is considered that the first version of the Bible was written by rastafariana too, and already then it was rewritten by Babylon which changed it in the party. Babylon is an abstract concept which is a symbol of all defects of the industrial world. For many Rastas America is the most striking example of today's Babylon.

As a result, the Rasta consider the one who supports the channelized religious.

Ideology of Rastas

is died from certain principles by which he has to be guided in any situations.

For example, the unexpected fact will be the fact that the use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol is forbidden to Rastas. If there is an opportunity, then it is better to adhere to vegetarianism.

It is considered that the person is created on an image of God therefore any defilement of a body (cuts, tattoos and td) is a sinful act.

Trusting in Dzha, it is necessary to behave tolerantly and with other religions. It is important to love and respect not only the rast, but also all mankind. If someone needs the help, it should be provided unconditionally. It is impossible to give in to hatred, jealousy, envy or treachery. It is worth avoiding all possible pleasures provided by Babylon.

Many think that if someone the Rasta then he is limited only by marijuana smoking, songs by Bob Marley, dreadlocks and bright t-shirts. It is quite widespread mistake. As present rastafarianiny to be quite difficult and who does not adhere to the above-stated principles, that just it is not.

Famous Rastas

Markus of Gaviria – the famous activist for return of all black population of America to their historical homeland stood at the origins of a rastamaniya.

Leonard Howell was the second popular follower. It is considered that he was the founder of the first of the rast of the commune.

It is impossible to forget also the most authoritative preacher of Rastafarianism Mortimer Planno. He for the life took huge number of followers, and still it is considered the most esteemed follower of this religion.

Samuel Braun is the first politician who tried to solve problems of the people through consciousness rastafarian.

And at last, the most famous Rasta of all times and the people is Bob Marley. This talented musician could combine in the songs culture the Rasta and acute social issues.

Rastas as modern subculture

Unfortunately, the fact that we see many people dressed in style of the rast today does not mean the fact that all of them are followers of this religion. Generally strangely enough, all of them are united only by music of a reggae and a t-shirt with Bob Marley's image.

The external component of culture rastafarian is more important for the majority: their, sometimes, excentric style of behavior, bright clothes, love for light music, marijuana smoking. That is, as a result, such situation turns out that the modern youth took only external attributes of other people, without paying attention to a spiritual component. So, the real, respecting himself Rasta, has to adhere to certain indestructible standards of behavior and to be an active fighter for the better future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team