Who thought up a bulb?

Who thought up a bulb?

Today it is very difficult to present life without electricity. And very few people think of what was earlier and as there were people. And the thought of what would be interesting to be learned who thought up a bulb will come not to everyone to mind. Probably, it is difficult to find the person who would answer precisely.

Who created a bulb?

For certain it is possible to give the answer to a question in what century the bulb was invented – in the nineteenth. Throughout all this time many people experimented with electricity in attempts to invent an electric candle. In 1838 Zhobar a sort from Belgium managed to invent the glow lamp: electric current was brought to a coal core. After that Englishman Delar managed to use platinum thread as a source.

Alexander Lodygin managed to achieve bigger success. In 1874 he created the vacuum glow lamp with use of coal thread with the electrodes brought to it.

One more creator of a bulb – Thomas Edison. Same year the scientist was engaged in carrying out a research where he used various refractory metals as an incandescence source. Platinum, but because it was not so often applied became the best option, it decided to return to experiments with coal thread.

Edison managed to achieve certain success in lighting – he created the household rotary switch.

The creator of a bulb Lodygin did not stop search of universal thread of incandescence which long would burn. He managed to achieve excellent results by means of two threads of incandescence: molybdenic and tungsten.

Unfortunately, production of these material about a certain year was too expensive. But in 1910 the American researcher William David Coolidge managed to invent the simplified way of production of tungsten thread that allowed to invent electric glow lamps further.

It is considered to be that Thomas Edison who patented it on December 20, 1879 became the creator of an electric bulb. But it should be noted that actually Edison only could improve devices which already existed.

Therefore it is very difficult to tell who became the creator of the first bulb as several people worked on this device throughout long time. Each of them managed to make a certain contribution for creation of the device capable to disseminate darkness.

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