Whom to invite to a wedding

Whom to invite to a wedding

On drawing up the list invited often not only a lot of time leaves, but also it is a lot of nerves. The bride wants to invite all the girlfriends, at the same time having deleted the ex-girlfriend of the groom, and the groom does not want to see the nice colleague of darling at a wedding.

To make the list of guests on a wedding – a difficult task. How not to quarrel during wedding preparation, having kept awe from an anticipation of a happy holiday?

Rules of drawing up list of guests

The most important rule of which it is difficult to inform the family the wedding is a holiday of newlyweds. Therefore to them to solve who will be present at a celebration.

To avoid excess inquiries and offenses, you should not tell about a celebration to the whole world. People whom there is no wish to see as guests, will surely take an interest in a wedding or will hint that would like to be present. And to refuse can be difficultcan be difficult.

The list of guests is formed according to the budget of a wedding. If the scope of a celebration allows, it is possible to invite all the acquaintances. If the modest wedding is planned, it is better to celebrate it in a narrow circle the family of friends, but to choose restaurant better. But not to try to stretch the list of invited, having transferred a holiday to the dining room. It is desirable that the number of friends of the groom, friends of the bride and the total number of relatives was approximately identical. It is only necessary to invite those to whom will be really glad who will be able sincerely to be glad for happiness of young people. You should not invite someone out of a debt. The parents wishing to invite the friends, neighbors or distant relatives politely should explain that newlyweds have the right to refuse. In case of refusal someone from guests it is necessary to make the small list of three-four couples which it will be possible to invite to vacant places.

How to invite guests

When the list is made, it is a high time to think of the invitation. The wedding invitation is some kind of hanger in theater, it sets mood to future celebration. Some couples do the invitation in the form of the mini-movie and send disks to all guests. If there is an opportunity, it is possible to order the design invitations executed in scope of a wedding. For example, in the form of the banknote or the ticket at cinema. Simple invitation gentle flowers, decorated with tapes and lace, are classics and will approach any wedding. On etiquette it is necessary to invite to a wedding not less, than a month before the celebration. However for half a year you should not invite guests also, they can just forget about your holiday. At the end of the invitation text it is possible to make a mark about a request to give the answer. Then it is not necessary to ring round all guests, learning their decisions.

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