Why darling does not call

Why darling does not call

During the social researches it was established that women treat phone calls much more tremblingly, than men. Here also it turns out that some constantly forget to call, and others with the same constancy are tormented with doubts concerning telephone silence. Why men do not call?


1. Sometimes (at the very beginning of the relations) the man does not call because he hesitates, being at heart a person modest and a little uncertain with the forces. You, has to be, more than once heard this phrase from the girlfriends who are patiently listening to your complaints and trying to encourage a little you. Or perhaps you also quite often repeated these treasured words to calm the worrying girlfriend. However, it can be heard also from men, but it is very rare. Because not each of them is capable to admit the indecision. Understand. After all, what today a difference why he did not call yesterday or last week? He after all collected the strength and contacted now, so you to him are not indifferent.

2. Darling does not call when it is very busy. In it there is a certain share of sense. The man can be really too involved in study, work, the solution of family disorders. Perhaps, the problem is elementary - the world needed its emergency aid. However, there could be something more serious - God decided to consult urgently with mortal rather forthcoming world flood, and so bones laid down that the choice fell on your blessed. (By the way, has to be, Ache, at the time, too found for the woman not enough time, and she, the selfish owner, tormented it and herself with mistrust. It, meanwhile, taking heroic care of preservation of life on the planet, built a legendary ark). Jokes jokes, but affairs the guy can really have a lot. Do not forget that much bigger load is placed on men on life. Enough it is only successful to girl to marry to live - not to know a grief. While her future husband needs to try to obtain everything by own efforts: works, worthy payment, official position, apartment, car and other benefits. Well he did not call you today, will not call tomorrow, you should not inflate a fly to the sizes of an elephant. Really to the business young purposeful man, you will prefer the idler who has nothing yourself to borrow unless never-ending telephone chatter?!

3. Sometimes, that the guy does not call because he in principle does not love phone calls. Well, it is similar to the truth. Men (their main weight) really do not understand at all about what it is possible to communicate by phone longer than 10 minutes therefore in every possible way avoid such communications. It can quite be understood and you should not demand such victims from your young man. Though, this justification does not explain why he does not endow you with the remote attention at least for the same 10 minutes, at least, from time to time.

4. Your guy can not call because you do not own telephone etiquette. Remember what occurred during your last conversations by phone. Quite possibly, you rumbled unceasingly, so, that it had no opportunity to insert even a tiny remark into your monologue. At a conversation with the guy not only by phone, but also confidentially, it is worth controlling the flows of information escaping from your lips. Keep in mind that he wants to hear not all from this what you try to tell of. Some subjects for him can be simply uninteresting, some are inappropriate, he can in general it is limited in time, but you are not appeased. Then what he just does not know how it is more tactful to muffle you (in view of good breeding, or modesty), and he needs only to wait when you have a good long talk. The fact the fact that in a similar situation the man feels a certain discomfort and its aspiration further to avoid it is quite natural.

5. There is one more possible option: the man does not call because he does not want. You should not fight against it. Just it not for you, and you not for it, everything is rather prosy. And, the earlier all of you will understand and will cease to build infinite guesses and to invent uncountable justifications to one guy, the quicker you will find another. The one who will surely call, despite modesty, employment or dislike for telephone conversations. Will call only because you wait for it calls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team