Why for many men treason - something self-evident

Why for many men treason - something self-evident

Statistics claims that there are more than a half of the men living in marriage more than 10 years change the wives. The reasons for this purpose at everyone the, but some do not consider the fact of physical proximity treachery, treat similar things not too seriously.

The long relations lead to cooling of feelings. There can be an attachment, respect, tenderness, but former love evaporates without the rest. At the same time people begin to miss, feel alone. Women fill up the free time communication with children, realization in the house and at work more often. To the man of it happens a little, and sometimes he looks for a way to update emotions, to bring in life something bright and fascinating.

Psychological treason

Men can consider the sexual relations only a game, they often do not attach them great value. Deciding on proximity, they do not think of destruction of family or treachery of the spouse, they have just a good time. It can be just an entertainment which does not conduct to something bigger. At the same time gives an opportunity to satisfy requirements, to test something new, but without further continuation.

For the man the psychological union, new love when the woman causes not only lust, but also desire to be near all the time is much more serious. For such relations of the man feel remorse more often. The attachment, love are considered as treason, but if the spouse does not know about it, then you should not worry too. And often the wife also guesses, but closes eyes not to upset herself and children.

Reasons of unfaithfulness

Statistics claims that the adultery reason often lies in marriage. Most often men decide on treason because of a lack of sex. They do not feel satisfaction, constantly stay in a condition of desire, and in several years of matrimony decide to realize the requirements. It can become even a necessity if the beloved constantly refuses intim. The boredom in a bed pushes men on experiments. The second in frequency occasion for "a campaign on the left" is an absence something new in a family bed. Besides the lady refuses to experiment, and long-term repetition of one scenario becomes boring. And if the man has a chance to try something new with someone else, he will not miss it. The third reason for treason — cooling of feelings. When the wife speaks only about problems when only claims are together discussed, it is difficult to keep calm. The lack of attention, lack of faith in the man, constant criticism and coldness push on rash acts. He begins to seek heat and love elsewhere for now he does not find, will touch women one behind one.

Feature of the first treason

It is usually difficult for man to decide on sex with foreign woman only for the first time. Pangs of conscience, shame and experiences begin to visit him. But if nobody noticed it if the spouse did not pay attention to torments, then why not to repeat all this? The lack of keenness from the loved one only confirms that it was not the mistake, but a good opportunity to make life it is more interesting. Respectively, repetition to become less painful, and in several years the man will very easily say that he poligamen and has no idea of fidelity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team