Why girls do not want to marry

Why girls do not want to marry

For some girls it is important to arrange private life. They want to meet the suitable man, maybe, not against to bring children. But at the same time they do not hurry to marry. The reasons for that can be a little.

High requirements

It is easier to fascinate absolutely young girl, than the adult woman. In early youth the list of requirements to the partner in life can be insignificant is small. At the same woman the long list with qualities which that man has to possess is formed with age.

Therefore it is difficult to girls who already celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary to please. They have a life experience, female wisdom, self-sufficiency. They do not want to cast in the lot with that guy who looks at life under absolutely other corner, does not aspire to the same values, as they are.

For women both the social status of future groom, and his formation, I.Q., the state of health, distinctive features of character matters. It is hard to charm them beautiful courtings alone, compliments and promises, as in youth. Girls look narrowly at young people and try to define as far as they are adapted for family life whether will be able to provide family, whether are worthy that from them to give birth to children.

Than future bride becomes more senior, especially she asks serious questions concerning the potential partner in life.

Independent women

There is a category of women who in principle do not want in marriage. They achieved much in career, earn enough, have a good time and travel. Such women do not hurry to change the status and a way of life. Happens that at the girl the maternal instinct did not wake up yet. And together with self-sufficiency it gives rise to conscious unwillingness to become the wife, but not the girlfriend. Just frightens some ladies the forthcoming duties in the household plan. The marriage is associated at them with hours of cooking of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, regular cleaning in the apartment, washing of clothes and ironing of linen.

Such women do not want to change the freedom for family life.

Bad example

Time of the girl do not want in marriage because do not believe in happy marriage. Happens that at the word "marriage" at the woman before eyes pictures of family life of her parents come to life. She remembers how many the negative was in them. Perhaps, she grew in incomplete family and faced treachery of the father or mother. Of course, you should not be guided by others experience at adoption of the vital decisions. However such situations meet quite often: girls do not want to repeat the fate of the parents and decide not to marry in general.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team