Why guys change

Why guys change

The guy changed the girl. She is shocked, considers him the last rascal and the bastard, sees only his fault in the circumstances and does not think why it arrived quite so, but not differently. What affected behavior of the guy?

What pushes the man on treason? 1. New love. If the existing relations became boring, are too rational, without take-off and falling, then the new love which appeared on the horizon, with new emotions, sense of euphoria, pushes the man on treason. New dreams, hopes, aspirations take with the head, there is a wish to live and love, the former relations are forgotten is momentary. The main thing - is correct, honest and beautiful to leave the already the ex-girlfriend.

2. Emotional dissatisfaction. If in the relations the man was not appreciated, there is no mutual understanding and there is a certain imbalance, then harmony and internal balance he seeks elsewhere.

3. Revenge. Sometimes treason happens response to treason, or, perhaps, it can be embitternment on last girls who ever threw it. 4. Thrills. It is known that forbidden fruit is sweetest. All inaccessible attracts with a huge force. In that case men's treason is a shameful escape from monotony and daily occurrence.5. Sometimes men change for increase in a self-assessment. Desire it to be pleasant to someone, to hear all the time compliments in the address force them to seek the relations elsewhere. The more it surrounds beautiful women, the level of own advantage becomes higher. It nothing but thirst of the power: I the most demanded - all women love me. As a rule, such men are infantile and incapable of the serious relations.6. Sexual dissatisfaction. Sex is an integral part of any healthy adult relations. If sexual fantasies of the man do not find the reflection in reality if the bed relations lost brightness, became monotonous and dim, he will look for the woman with whom dreams will become a reality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team