Why he is not ready to marry

Why he is not ready to marry

Certainly, it is crazy about you, but it does not mean that he is ready to make the proposal. Results of the last researches say that now men more often do not hurry to marry at all. Reasons for that a little. And here the main.

Men want to construct career, to become financially stable and only then to start a family. And the it is more difficult career goals of your elect, the longer he will not think of marriage. The second reason why he does not want to marry — the fact that you already live together. You divide a roof over the head, sleep in one bed, spend time together, you have the general purse and in fact you differ in nothing from married people. For many men the sense from marriage in general vanishes in such situation.

So to do to women who dream of family? Talk to your man on purity. Ask him as he sees your relations further whether he thinks of children. Let know to him that marriage is not only general bed and a purse, and the sign of the fact that you are ready to take responsibility the friend for the friend and for the posterity. Of course, you hardly receive at once the offer to get married. But your darling for certain will think of your joint future.

Unfortunately, there are such categories of men who, irrespective of circumstances, are not ready to marry at all. Look, there can be your guy belongs to one of them? OdinochkaVa you spend days off separately from each other, you go to a holiday separately, you have no mutual friends and interests? And you in general do something together? What different would not be people, always there comes such moment when they stop associating the affairs and acts only with themselves and begin to think of the second half. If in your couple of it still did not occur - it is a sure sign that the man is not ready to marriage at all. It avoids everything that causes diskomfortdaleko not all men the prospect of joint lunches with the girl's parents pleases, but they sacrifice the comfortable state for the sake of us. Acquaintance to parents is the integral element in creation of the relations. If your guy avoids even a mention of family holidays, he means it is not ready for the serious relations with you yet. Most of his friends of an odinochkilyuda are inclined to communicate and choose friends on similar views on life. Look narrowly at a way of life of his friends. If they are inveterate bachelors, means and your elect most likely adheres to the same views of the relations. At him is not present long-term you planovsprosit at the guy with what he sees himself in five years what he would like to reach by this time. And he will tell you whether he sees himself the head of the family, the large boss in the company or the careless tourist on the wild beach. If he does not think of the future at all, then about creation of family and it is not necessary to speak. If at least one of points suits your darling, do not hurry to be upset. Perhaps he is not ready to marry now, it does not mean what so will be always, it is just necessary to wait. How much? It depends not only on it, but also on you. You spend more time together, make plans for the future, try to communicate with married acquaintances more often. Work on yourself and the relations, if it — your destiny, then family happiness it is inevitable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team