Why he still sits on dating sites?

Why he still sits on dating sites?

People visit dating sites to find the soulmate. If the objective is achieved, it would already be time to forget the road on such virtual platforms. But some guys all the same continue to sit on them for various reasons.

Sometimes men already begin the relations, but at the same time do not refuse dating sites, continuing to sit on them. Such situation cannot suit women. But before accusing the partner of something, it is possible to try to understand the possible reasons of such behavior. 

Polygamous male

Experts on men's psychology assure that all men by the nature of a poligamna. It means that for satisfaction of the sexual needs of one woman they have not enough, kind of strongly they did not love her. Scientists tried to find scientific confirmation to this fact more than once, drawing an analogy to animals. In the wild nature all males of a poligamna. Some men with pleasure adduce such argument as justification of the incorrectness. It is not absolutely correct to compare people and animals. At the person the sense of responsibility, a debt is developed. At the same time many men, really, feel the need to be at once with several women at the same time. With this feature there's nothing to be done. They have not enough one girl. Even having met that which approaches under all requirements, they continue to sit on dating sites, to flirt on the party. To try to re-educate such man at the beginning of the relations it is useless. It is not necessary to make to him rows. He will visit all the same dating sites to look at girls, to communicate. To change a situation, time is required. At some it passes with age.

Is eager for attention

Men are very vain. The attention is pleasant to them. When in real life of it it is not enough, they pass into the virtual plane, sit on dating sites. There are much more chances to receive a praise. Such men collect comments and likes that forces them to believe in own irresistibility. An exit from this situation only one - to praise more often the elect that he did not want to receive all this on the party. 

Sat down on dating sites

For many people the dating sites are already a way of life, a habit. Such virtual platforms strongly tighten, some kind of dependence appears. And the binding can be not to dating sites, and to the computer, to slow pastime in network. It is not so important where to while away evenings or lunch breaks. Visiting well familiar websites, it is possible to relax, have a rest, look at photos of beautiful girls. In such situation it is important not to demand from the man to stop visiting immediately these platforms, especially if prior to the beginning of the relations he spent there much time. It is better to offer imperceptibly him alternative options, to interest in something. It can be some forums, groups on the social networks which do not have relations to acquaintances. Finally better let sometimes plays computer games, than flirts with girls. 

Do not arrange the relation

Even when the relations can already be considered settled, it does not mean that in each other everything suits both. Men can choose. Some are in search eternally. And hobby for dating sites - one of proofs. If the guy comes on them not on a habit, and for new communication, actively writes and answers unfamiliar girls, a choice is not made yet. At heart he understands that he found not the best option therefore continues to look for an ideal. It is difficult to reconcile to it. In such cases it is better to work cardinally. Sometimes the good shake-up lets know how there is strongly not enough person as he is dear. Perhaps, and the man will understand that he already found one and only, and further search is useless. 

Just communicates

Men sit on dating sites not only with the purpose to find the constant companion, but also for the purpose of communication. There is also it. Of course, it can seem strange, but actually frequenters of similar platforms cannot refuse them any more. There were girlfriends on correspondence who already became as the family. It is possible to communicate to them on different subjects. It not necessarilynot necessarily has to be flirtation. If the man explains the behavior quite so, it is worth asking it to visit the websites less often. Over time interest will be gone. And old friends, most likely, will find the soulmates. It is unlikely their new elects will like such format of communication. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team