Why husbands leave to mistresses

Why husbands leave to mistresses

A number of the women who learned about treason of the husband is not understood how it could occur. Than the competitor, not always young and beautiful, is better than them, the lawful wives who spent the best years of the life for ungrateful men? Why still yesterday the loving husbands pack things today and silently disappear from the destroyed family life?

Treason reason

Prior to a wedding practically all women are beautiful. They are sociable, well-groomed, coquettish, sexual and mysterious. The man sees before himself a gift in a beautiful wrapper which he assumes to develop slowly until the end of the life. However after the wedding the beauty gradually turns … let not into a monster, but also not in Miss Universe – untidy home clothing, hair curlers, make-up which is not removed since evening, the worn-out footwear and laziness to personal care appears. It seems and there are no children yet, and you eat at small restaurants, and she already strongly located on a sofa with the fashion magazine and for hours stirs by phone.

Most often it is proved by the fact that, having received the prince, women convince themselves that the lawful husband from them. will get to anywhere any more

In turn, some married women cease to be painted and wear beautiful clothes – it can attract other men. As a result of their husbands do not receive a competitive incentive – other men do not react to their wives, and, so these women lost the natural sexual importance. Such state of affairs strongly reduces a self-assessment of men who want to own the most beautiful woman in the world that all envied. Thus, to them itself should bring the mistress who will return them a high self-assessment both to lives, and to beds.

What to do and how further to live if the husband wants other woman

So, if you learned about existence of the competitor, do not hurry to scratch to the husband of an eye with insults and reproaches. First of all, be engaged in the appearance – lose weight, buy new clothes, make a stylish hairstyle, emphasize advantages with a make-up and a dazzling smile. The man will prick up the ears – do not react. Try to separate from him, being limited to traditional household communication.

You spend evenings to the companies of girlfriends, however do not play not to start communications with other men unnecessary you.

Surely read books on sex – study various technicians, become more relaxed and passionate. Very often men lack a tigress in a bed therefore they go to seek it elsewhere. Having tempted the husband for the second time and having managed to set this result, you reliably hold it near yourself, and no mistress will be able to take away from you any more what belongs to you by right. And, at last – you do not saw the man. Are angry on him? Make the Italian scandal with a ware beating, but you look at the same time beautifully, but it is not vulgar. This art can learn from many movie stars (for example, from great Sophia Loren). And never arrange hysterics – men have nerves too and often they are much weaker than female nervous system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team