Why it is impossible to go driving without undershirt?

Why it is impossible to go driving without undershirt?

Many drivers are disturbed by a question why it is impossible to go driving without undershirt and whether really it is violation for which the penalty can be written out. Let's understand that is told by matter lawyers and what recommendations they make to drivers.

Why it is impossible to go with a naked torso driving?

Lawyers whom asked to comment on this statement unanimously said that there is today no statutory act which unambiguously would say that it is impossible to go without t-shirt driving. According to the modern legislation, the driver can be in own car not that without undershirt or a shirt, but also even without trousers or pants. Now there is only one law forbidding to appear in public places in an unseemly look, but as the car is your property, and you are in it, about any violation of the speech just does not go. Therefore if the police officer makes you a remark because of the fact that you are driving with a naked torso, you can safely ignore it.

However, experienced drivers nevertheless do not recommend to take off a t-shirt or a shirt, the similar show on the road can distract other participants of traffic, so, the similar behavior increases risk of emergency. Perhaps, this only explanation of why it is impossible to go without undershirt and, you see, it is very reasonable. Therefore if you care for own safety, do not like to shock and also try to follow rules of decency, to take off from itself clothes even if it is not prohibited by the law, is not necessary. Remember that the modern person is guided not only those norms which are stated in codes, but also the social rules defining behavior in society.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team