Why it is impossible to marry in a leap-year

Why it is impossible to marry in a leap-year

With a leap-year since ancient times many superstitions are connected. One of them says that this year it is impossible to marry and marry. What the sign is connected it with?

Leap-year differs from usual year in existence of 366 days instead of 365 because of February 29. By the way, with this "excess" day several national signs are also connected. Our ancestors considered that in a leap-year it is impossible not only to marry, but also to get posterity, to get or build housing. That is, under the ban any serious undertakings got, are capable to introduce global amendments in the fate of the person.

Leap-year and wedding

Mystical leap-year or year of Kasyan as speak in the people, is not recommended for holding a wedding because the lovers who connected themselves by bonds during this period will not be able to feel family happiness. Frequent quarrels, misfortunes and diseases will accompany couple throughout all way, the sign also says that the marriage concluded in a leap-year will exist not for long. And the series of failures at newlyweds steadily will lead to a gap.

There is one more period when it is not recommended to organize a wedding celebration. As well as in a leap-year, in May you should not marry not to "toil" for the rest of the life.

Today not all young people trust in signs therefore in REGISTRY OFFICES in leap-years which treats 2012, for example, less the registered marriages were not observed. However having reported to the family and acquaintances about desire to marry or marry in "unsuccessful" leap-year, it is possible to face misunderstanding. On signs, in a leap-year the bride herself could define to herself the groom, and matchmakers could go to the house to the promised. And practically always future husband agreed. It is possible for this reason people were careful of weddings in a leap-year.

Superstitions in a leap-year

Since ancient times there was an opinion that in a leap-year there are more accidents, defaults, financial crises, natural cataclysms and other negative events. But statistics claims that it is only prejudices. With which it is possible and it is necessary to fight.

Since February 29 the special custom in Ireland is connected – any girl can make the proposal to the pleasant man, without expecting the first step from it.

It is considered that it is possible to weaken action of leap-year, having chosen successful, according to astrological forecasts, date. And, of course, it is not necessary to give in to doubts, firmly trusting in good. Then the wedding will take place successfully, and family life will resemble the kind fairy tale. If on you the psychological factor worked, the celebration and the truth are better to postpone for a year every second not to think of a failure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team