Why it is necessary to leave the alcoholic

Why it is necessary to leave the alcoholic

Life with the husband the alcoholic gradually turns into hell, but at the same time women do not hurry with a divorce, there is a lot of reasons: from banal love to unwillingness to exchange a living space. However, nevertheless it is more reasons for parting with the alcoholic, and they are much more powerful

1. One of the main reasons why it is worth leaving the alcoholic is a harmful influence on children. If there are no children yet, you should not bring them from the alcoholic at all. Alcohol influences all human body including on reproductive function: probability of the birth of children with deviations at the drinking people is much higher. If children in family already are, the alcoholic father will not be able to give them good education, a smell of the reek of alcohol and drunk fights – absolutely not that has to surround the formed personality.

2. Life with the alcoholic is a constant shortage of money. Fans of a green serpent are usually not held at good positions therefore alcoholics or in general the unemployed, or work for kopeks which, however, quickly are spent on drink. The husband the alcoholic will hardly worry about payment of utility bills and purchase of products, all these expenses entirely will lay down on brittle female shoulders. At the same time it is good if it is not necessary to hide money from the spouse, most of alcoholics are ready to take out the last if only was enough for them for a bottle from the house.

3. Alcohol destroys a brain and mentality of the person. The person who is regularly abusing alcohol literally becomes deranged. He is unpredictable: today he got drunk and quietly fell asleep, and tomorrow made a row to jealousy with a beating of ware and manhandling. The neighbourhood with such person not only is unpleasant, but also is really hazardous to health also of life.

4. It is necessary to leave the alcoholic as soon as possible. The more pull, the more husband the alcoholic will degrade. The organism of most of people quite badly transfers a constant alcoholic poisoning, and by forty-fifty years at fans to drink a serious illness develops. The most widespread of them – cirrhosis. The person with such disease can live quite long time, but at the same time he literally becomes a disabled person. If you do not want to become the free nurse for the careless man, you leave him.

5. Life with the alcoholic is an infinite expenditure of nerves which negatively affects health. The women who lived all life with drunkards often suffer from a neurasthenia, a hypertension, have problems with heart and vessels. At the same time the vast majority of attempts to save the green serpent loved from paws usually come to an end with a total failure. Only very small percent of men is capable to give up alcohol for the rest of life. Even, if by some miracle the man managed to overcome an addiction and does not drink several years, the probability that he will make friends with a glass again, always remains very high.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team