Why it is necessary to write only by hand!"

Why it is necessary to write only by hand!"

rule for all is it is necessary to write only by hand! It is claimed by the American scientists. The thing is that experts proved harm to the recorded information on the electronic equipment.

Now there is a set of processes of storing. Besides, even the most productive ways. But the most useful it is traditional methods of fixing of information – record by the handle on paper. Therefore, experts advise completely to forget about electronic ways. They do not bring at all what benefit to the person.

In it a research took participation of 65 people. And, above all all of them were students. It also helped scientists to find out more more precisely the best way of fixing of information for zapominaniye.

During the research, scientists provided to students a video which covered the different topics. After that, experts provided to students at choice: laptops and notebooks with handles. At the end of a lecture they were given special tasks for 30 minutes. As it became clear, the best results were shown by those students who manually wrote down lectures. Separately, these students could answer more in detail and fully.

Besides, according to experts, those students who used the laptop, they wrote down a lecture almost literally. Then, as those which manually wrote down they did not write down literally, and just the opposite tried to retell as much as possible by the own words. Plus to it, manual records were not only are more informative, but also contained at the same time, the most important information.

At the same time, scientists proved, uselessness of records on electronic media. To paraphrase heard very difficult, during computer set. Besides, it leads only to bad storing. For this purpose, to confirm this information, scientists in addition made poll in a week. Results of poll were also yielded by the most positive conclusions towards manual fixing of information.

Thus, scientists insist on that school students and students did not use laptops and other electronic media. And just, on the contrary that wrote only manually on paper. Besides, electronic devices only distract pupils at the expense of the Internet and games.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team