Why it is so difficult to tell ""I miss"

Why it is so difficult to tell ""I miss"

The feeling of separation from the loved one can cause strong sincere experiences, however people can not always put them into words. Most often on it there are certain reasons.

Why people are silent about the feelings

People differ in different sensitivity to certain life situations, one of which is separation. Even if you strongly miss the one, close to you, he can not have similar feeling in relation to you. Perhaps, the reason consists also in amount of time during which you did not see each other. Some begin to miss right after parting, and others – in several days, weeks or even years.

Sometimes the fact that the person close to you has no feeling of separation or prefers not to express it in words, actually says that it has no counter feelings in relation to you. Perhaps, long separation will help you to learn, what does he think of you in fact. However you should not do hasty conclusions as the reason of similar behavior can be other.

Some people are constraining and held down in communication therefore even if the person misses you, he can just be ashamed to admit it. Perhaps, you are still insufficiently close to tell each other so sensual words. After a while, when you know each other better, will be able to communicate on any subjects including about your mutual feelings. In some situations the person can have no opportunity to contact you to tell "I miss". Perhaps, he finished means on phone, or the Internet is disconnected for failure to pay. Some can get into difficult situations at work or on study when it is necessary to work much. On a talk in this case there is no time left at all. If you know that the situation at the loved one is quite so, understand it and wait a little. Over time he will surely contact you and will tell that he strongly missed.

Take a situation in hand

It is possible that in your case everything is on the contrary – you experience difficulty to tell "I miss" to the loved one, for example, one of the reasons described above. If you value your relations, you should not keep these feelings in yourself. Tell about them to the one who is dear to you, any possible way. Be sure, it will be very pleasant to it to hear it from you, and, most likely, he will tell that he too strongly misses you and with impatience expects a meeting. Subsequently you get used to similar communication and you will become surely closer to each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team