Why married women pay attention to other men

Why married women pay attention to other men

Men often look at other women, irrespective of the marital status. And here girls show similar interest in representatives of an opposite sex, being in marriage, much more rare, but after all do it.

Why married women look at other men?

If the married girl pays attention to other men, the reasons for that there can be a set. Perhaps, she just derives esthetic pleasure, watching the attractive man. Most likely, she will even have no thoughts of treason to the soulmate therefore most often men in vain pile on the agony.

Besides, the girls who are married can pay attention to other guys in search of the new victim. It happens because of natural hyper sexuality of some women, a lack of attention from the lawful husband or due to the lack of feelings to it.

However most often, girls look at foreign men to achieve reaction from the beloved.

The aims which are pursued by married women, paying attention to other men

Sometimes it is possible to notice situations when the girl passes on the street with the spouse and frankly stares at the young handsome man going by. Men have to understand that similar action is not sign of incorrectness. Try to remember, maybe, recently you found not enough time for the soulmate and by that she just decided to show you what needs attention from men. Also similar behavior can become a certain signal that the married girl is still desired and capable to cause admiration in other guys. Any your rash phrase regarding external shortcomings of the woman can become the reason of such behavior. Such action she just tries to prove to the man that she is still attractive, and his words were nonsense which very much wounded her self-esteem. Besides, some girls just lack thrills in the relations with the legal husband. If you rather long time lived in marriage, began to belong to each other with a cool, between you the trust reigns, and the conflicts arise only on the household soil, your soulmate is capable to decide on such act to cause your jealousy and though some emotions. It wants to understand that it is still not indifferent to you that your feelings did not die away, and you will demolish everything on the way if on your woman someone has any plans. One more aim which is pursued by married women, paying attention to other men - revenge for similar male behavior.

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