Why men and women deceive

Why men and women deceive

The truth is in that, as men, and women deceive. The truth of the man do it more often and have no sense of shame or fault. To understand why men deceive, it is necessary to understand why men lie and why women lie.


1. Though men, and women deceive, there are important sexual distinctions, when it comes to deception. Sexual distinctions which influence deception are based on two main biological differences between men and women.

2. First, men and women differ in the physiological plan. Men can produce hundreds of millions of spermatozoa a day. And women reproduce about one million eggs, but only a part, about one egg, there are each 28 days, during the short period of time - from puberty to a menopause - has the potential for creation of life. In other words, women have about 400 viable ova (and taking into account pregnancy about 20) while men are capable to become a father and to make unlimited number of children.

3. The second main biological difference is pregnancies. Embryos grow and develop in the woman, but not the man. For men the reproduction takes only several minutes of efforts while for women this term increases up to 9 months.

4. From the biological point of view, men can constantly and quickly participate in a reproduction while women are much more limited in the opportunities to make it.

5. These biological distinctions influence our psychological desires to the invention of modern forms of control of birth rate and still influence our unconscious sexual desires today. Men are more often than women, think of sex and dream about sex with several partners.

6. Considering these main biological differences, it is possible to mark out key differences between men and women, when it comes to deception: • Men less than women to be afraid to deceive the partner as subconsciously think that having lost one partner, it is possible to find another. • Men find the partner for one night more often. The female brain is ready for the long relation.· of the man transfer deception less emotionally, than women therefore do not think of how it is bad, to deceive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team