Why men are afraid to become fathers

Why men are afraid to become fathers

You have a happy family, the harmonious relations with the spouse, the arranged life, but yet there are no children. Certainly, the child's birth – heavy responsibility. But you want to bring the kid, and the husband considers that now for this purpose not time and finds the good reasons preventing to make it.

In life situations to which people are not ready often meet. But it does not mean at all that they will not be able will cope with them. As a rule, men are afraid to become fathers for several reasons among which and usual fear of emergence of a new being in their life. This circumstance cardinally changes all existing situation, besides rather strongly can affect the future. The kid becomes the central figure in family, and the new father loses the most part of attention of the spouse. The baby in his representation contacts dirty diapers, sleepless nights, house efforts, the tired wife and refusal of pleasures and habitual life. The task of the woman is to inform the husband of such important party of the birth of the child as happiness and joy which are brought by the little man to the parents.

To some men the material disorder prevents to bring children. At the same time often the family has no financial and housing problems. Perhaps, the spouse wishes that to appearance of the child in you there was a certain house, firm guarantees completely to provide the future of the son or daughter, for example, training abroad, etc. The fear to leave seven without material prosperity does not allow the man to enjoy a role of the father fully. And if his words about material disorder not just if for the sake of family he is ready to sacrifice the interests, the wife manages to explain an excuse to the spouse that his requirements to themselves are unreal. It is important to convince the man that it is ready to overcome all difficulties connected with the birth and education of the child together with him, avoiding reproaches and the overestimated claims.

Situations when the wife behaves as small meet, is capricious, showing eccentrical character. In such family the man feels that he is not ready to bring up one more child. The woman should prove the spouse that she grew up for a long time, to become more serious that he saw that his wife is ready to accept responsibility for their kid too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team